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“Business is an intellectual sport and we’re the pros!”

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Dan Bradbury
  • The Multiplier Effect by Dan Bradbury

    The Multiplier Effect

    Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” Discover the 5 critical drivers to compounding your company’s growth and increasing your sales geometrically.

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  • How Would Richard Branson Run Your Business? by Dan Bradbury

    How Would Richard Branson Run Your Business?

    Learn the 3 habits Richard Branson, Steve Jobs & Elon Musk have in common. See how to apply each to your business as you scale up.

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  • The Sexy Side of Business Finance by Dan Bradbury

    The Sexy Side of Business Finance

    Uncover the hidden profits in your business. Most business owners are clueless when it comes down to the numbers. But understanding the financials is critical if you are to successfully scale from six to seven figures and beyond.

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  • 2 Indispensable Fast Growth Strategies by Dan Bradbury

    2 Indispensable Fast Growth Strategies

    The biggest choke point holding back most small businesses from growing is the business owners time. To make the business not dependent on you, you need leverage. Learn the two most powerful strategies for sustainable leverage

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Breeding Gazelles

Fast Growth Strategies for Your Business

Hailed as the go to book for rapid growth strategies, Breeding Gazelles was created as a guide for business owners seeking innovative strategies to accelerate their business growth without it becoming dependent on them.

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Breeding Gazelles Book Dan Bradbury

Who is Dan Bradbury?

Dan Bradbury, is an investor. He specializes in taking companies that are already producing multiple six figures in revenue and accelerate their growth to over 10 million.

In his twenties he built and sold his first business for over £1Million. By 31 he took over and turned around a company that became listed on the US Stock Market for $4.3 Million. He has over 8,000 business customers in 69 different countries worldwide and is the author of the best selling book, Breeding Gazelles – Fast Growth Strategies for Your Business.

more about Dan

The reason why I’m so committed to helping fellow business owners with these strategies is because in 2012 I was in a near fatal cycling accident. During an ironman race I hit a tree at full-speed head-first and suffered temporary brain damage. Even after my coma that lasted about a week, I wasn’t capable of running my own business for months; but because I had already put into place the strategies I now share with others, my company was able to manage itself and continue to thrive… that’s when it hit me that every business owner needs to have these systems in place.

If you speak with my clients they will tell you they walk away feeling I was the best return on investment they’ve ever made. because they feel more enthused and clear about the direction of their business than they have in years.