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From £250k to £1.3m

I joined this some time ago and went onto join the mastermind. Took my business from £250k to £1.3m by the end of this year. It’s serious stuff and will help you transform your business.

Rob Stone

Recurring revenue up £14,000 per month!

We’ve had our best month! Recurring revenue up £14,000 per month! And our member number is at a high!

Just shows that setting targets, focusing on numbers and having forecasts really work!

Becky Dennis

We grew our profits by over 27X

Over just 18 months we grew our profits by over 27X… For the first time ever, I am confident that the changes we are making in our business have a direct line to the results that matter. I have Mastermind to thank for the strides my business has made, and continues to make

Alexis Kingsbury

From £50K profit in 2016 to £340K profit in 2017

You’ve been a huge part of my journey on and off since 2010! The last two years have seen me go from £270K rev and £50K profit in 2015, to £1.2m rev and £340K profit in 2017 to a very likely £2.5m rev and 900K profit in 2018.

Big learnings have been around understanding how business works at the deeper structural level.

Nick Bolton<br />

I had a 505% increase in profitability

In one year I went from £68,000 profitability to £450,000. So I had a 505% increase in profitability.

Dale Allen

I’ve been in Dan’s programme for nearly 3 years now

I’ve been in Dan’s programme for nearly 3 years now and I’ll be renewing for years to come because the ROI speaks for itself. Infact, I don’t know anybody who’s been in the mastermind for a reasonable length of time to let the implementation of Dan’s advice take effect who hasn’t seen their business suddenly get the next level of traction and see their profits and business value grow significantly.

John Taylor

All the gurus told me to market harder

All the gurus told me to market harder. Try ‘this tactic’, ‘this strategy’, use ‘this app’, ‘this tool’ and your business will see exponential growth (beyond my ‘wildest dreams’). So I kept marketing harder but the exponential growth didn’t come.

While Dan is a proven A class marketer, his approach is about being a better business owner, focus on and do the fundamentals very very well and growth will come. Within a couple of hours of the first event I was a convert. We’re now very happy members of his coaching community of focused, driven and open minded entrepreneurs all building our businesses on solid foundations using the evergreen principles taught and coached by him and his amazing team.

Brad Lazarus

I’ve added around £150,000 to my bottom line

When I started Success Mastermind, the biggest thing for me was to get focused and dive deeper into the average order value and the average order frequency. Focusing on those two with just my existing clients I’ve added around £150,000 to my bottom line.

Baskar Sundaram

I managed to quadruple my profits without making any extra sales!

I managed to quadruple my profits without making any extra sales! Thanks to being in Mastermind, for the first time in years we can comfortably pay our bills, take money out the business and now feel confident about the future

Ed Challinor<br />

My business is approx tripled in the last 12 months.

Tomorrow marks 12 months with the mastermind and start of my second year.

Financial literacy, I was a kid last year, now I’m a teenager….next year I’ll be an adult!

Thanks Gabriella for following up on my info request. Dan for the program.

But Kevin Hall ….Such huge thans for being a legend of a coach!!! Keeping me on track and highlighting where I need to develop….with a few pep talks when you’re having a crap day thrown in!

This is the room of people I want to be with.

My business is approx tripled in the last 12 months. I’ll accept double that in 12 months.

Leighton Girling

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