The 3rd Annual Ultimate Entrepreneur

It’s that time of year again!

The 3rd Annual Ultimate Entrepreneur is just around the corner!


This year, we’ve made some improvements to the competition:  There will be only six competitors, and awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, giving you a 50% chance to walk away with a victory. And every contestant will receive a professionally edited recording of their presentation to use as they wish. We are shortening the presentations for each contestant down to 10 minutes to encourage brevity and ensure the content stays relevant to the needs of the business owners in the audience. 

Because the CEO Mastermind is about scaling up your company, increasing your profit, and regaining your time, this year’s competition will be the Ultimate Entrepreneur – Business Breakthrough Edition.

The winner will be determined by who has the best breakthrough strategy to scale a company.  It should be something you’ve done in your own company that has increased those things in business we all strive for  like more sales, more profit, more free time, etc. Or it could be something that has decreased those things in business that prevent growth.  Maybe you’ve reduced your refunds, expenses, or customer complaints.  Whatever it is, you’ll want to be able to show a quantifiable change for the better.  

Then, tell us how we could do the same in our companies! 

Whoever is voted for having the best idea wins £7,000 of Dan’s money and a business pitch development package that sells for £3000.  The runner-up gets £2,000, and the third-place finisher gets £1,000, making it three times more likely to win something than in previous years.

Now, one last thing before you decide if you want to become this year’s Ultimate Entrepreneur.  While winning is great, the real prize isn’t the £13,000 in prizes.  It’s the clarification YOU get when you take the time to synthesize your thought process into a 10-minute presentation.  Just that process alone will clarify why your strategy worked and how you could make it even better.  Frankly, this process of thought clarification is something you, as a CEO, should be doing anyway.  It’s one of the most strategic things you could do to boost your business.

The way you are going to win this is to present one clear idea that the audience can take with them and use in their own business.

So get in the game!  Stress test your thinking and win some cash in the process.

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