Finance Masterclass

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Module 1 : Financial Literacy - Understanding the Numbers

Self made billionaire Warren Buffett said “If you can’t read the scoreboard you don’t know the score, and if you don’t know the score you cant tell the winners from the losers” and he was right. If you want to play the game of business and WIN, not just once, but have sustained success over a career you must be financially literate. Most business owners are financially illiterate.

Most business owners are constantly stressed about money and borderline insolvent. Those two statements aren’t a coincidence. By the end of this module you will understand more about business finance than the vast majority of business owners.


Module 2 : Your Financial Team - Who to Hire and What They Do

The reason so many business owners struggle with their finances is they don’t know what financial roles need performing, and even if they did, they don’t how to tell the difference between a good and a bad accountant/bookkeeper/financial controller. So they get strung along with inferior performance in their finance department at best and outright incompetence at worst.

In this module you’ll understand what roles you need to hire for, what a world class performance looks like in each area and where to find them


MODULE 3: Cash is King - The Secret to Building Fort Knox

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and CASH is king. You’ve heard the saying, but what does it even mean? In this module you will learn a simple 3 part system practiced by the very strongest companies in the world and see real life examples of how to start applying it in your business immediately.


MODULE 4: Financial Analysis

The true value of being financially literate comes from being able to analyse your accounts and really understand whats going on inside your business. Only then can you make effective decisions about what to do in order to drive growth of revenue, profits and cash flow.

In this module you’ll understand 4 fast and effective ways to analyze your numbers to show your business in a whole new light.


MODULE 5: The Most Important Financial Scorecard - Do this First

When Dan buys failing companies and steps in to turn them around, their accounts are often in a complete mess or non existent. What you will learn in this module is the first thing Dan does on the very first morning after he’s taken over. Regardless of how good or bad your accounts are, using the techniques you’ll learn in this module you can understand your business’s top 2 most critical metrics within hours.


MODULE 6 - Your Financial Success Plan

Have you noticed that despite some businesses having seemingly everything going for them, the right customers, great products, a growing market, etc, somehow they just never seem to make any money??

What they are lacking is a clear financial success plan. And by the end of this module you will be crystal clear about what to do and how you can win in the next 90 days.


MODULE 7 - Raising Money

Most small businesses struggle to raise finance either from banks or from investors because they don’t understand how the game works. This module will show you exactly how you business will be assessed when you’re looking to raise money, and, how to present your company in the best possible light so you can get the funds to fuel your company’s growth.


MODULE 8 - How to Buy Companies

Growing through acquiring either your competition or similar companies to your own can be the fastest way to accelerate your revenues and profits. The upside can be HUGE, but if you don’t know how evaluate and thoroughly understand the numbers it can become an absolute financial train-wreck!

In this module you’ll understand M&A 101 (mergers and acquisition). Allowing you to get to grips with the target company’s balance sheet and determine their value to you pre acquisition. These advanced techniques can build your wealth like never before!


Dan Bradbury


Dan Bradbury is an investor specialising in taking companies already producing multiple six figures in revenue and accelerating their growth to over £10 million.

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