CEO Mastermind

Every quarter 50 of the brightest and fastest growing small businesses from the United Kingdom and across Europe get together as part of our CEO Mastermind programme.

We share what’s working now, as well as get into any problems that are holding you back, to propel you forward in the next quarter in a profitable and sustainable way.

These meetings consist of highly successful business owners (no start-ups allowed). The participants of this mastermind feed off each other’s success and knowledge every quarter in an environment specifically designed to promote critical thinking, remove distractions, and breed success.

Features and Requirements

We protect our member’s time fiercely.  Because of this, we go to great lengths to ensure that everyone who attends our mastermind will own a business that is performing to specific standards of excellence.  By doing this, you can feel confident that the advice you receive from other members is at par with the level of sophistication your company deserves.

Package Includes

  • Quarterly 2-day Meetings with Dan Bradbury and 50 savvy business owners. These two days are designed to set your strategic plan for the next 90 days, mastermind with highly profitable seven and eight figure business owners, and hear from guest speakers on topics such as finance, recession-proofing your business, personal effectiveness, etc.
  • 2 x Strategic Planning Days. You will work with your coach to bulletproof your strategic plan and solve any challenges you face. The sessions are in small groups (up to 3 businesses).
  • 8 x Skills Mastery Sessions (optional). Outside of the 2-day quarterly meetings, we run Skills Mastery Sessions on specialised topics such as recruitment, leadership, finance, growth through acquisition, etc. You can attend as many or as you wish. If you want a better business, you need to be a better business owner; these Skills Mastery Sessions make you a better business owner.  
  • Monthly one-on-one accountability call with one of our business coaches. Each month, one of our coaches will personally reach out to check in on your progress.
  • Ad hoc coaching to keep you on track.  During the time of your accountability call, you may schedule a personalized coaching session with our business coaches for up to one hour of individualized attention to address any issues you may be dealing with in your business.
  • Access to our online private community: Collaborative thinking saves time, and our network of business owners who rely on one another for quick solutions can be invaluable.  From finding a vendor resource to getting immediate feedback on a new idea.  We have an active and robust community all committed to helping one another.

    Who is this for?

    CEOs looking for strong peer group feedback, tactical solutions for growth and scaling their companies, Increasing financial acumen, and looking to create business among other B2B companies.  The CEO Mastermind and accompanying Skills Mastery Sessions are based on the simple notion that if you want a better business, you need to become a better business owner.

    Criteria for attending CEO Mastermind (must have at least 3 of these 5)

    • Must be a Founder CEO or Managing Director of a B2B company.
    • Business is producing a minimum of £1M in annual revenue
    • Producing at least £200K in annual  profits.
    • Average Transaction Size over £2000
    • Must have a minimum of 4 employees, independent contractors or F.T.E.

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