Board of Advisors

When you look at big companies, you will find they have a board of directors which is where the strategic thinking level conversations takes place.

Most small companies don’t have that advice and insight, so we recreate this powerful strategic experience in this programme.

You will be placed into a small group with Dan and other hand-picked, experienced business owners.

Each quarter you will meet to present your numbers, plan and any issues you are currently experiencing. Then your Board of Advisors will go to work to refine your plan and solve your problems.

Features and Requirements

We protect our member’s time fiercely.  Because of this, we go to great lengths to ensure that everyone who attends our Board of Advisors  will own a business that is performing to specific standards of excellence.  By doing this, you can feel confident that the advice you receive from other members is at par with the level of sophistication your company deserves. 

Criteria for acceptance into the Board of Advisors: (must have at least 5 of these 7)

  • Must be a Founder CEO of a B2B Company
  • Minimum Trading Time of 3 Years+ 
  • Must have a minimum of 4 employees, independent contractors or F.T.E.
  • Producing a minimum of £1M in Revenue
  • Producing at least £350K in annual profits 
  • Average Transaction Size over £2000
  • Must provide full management accounts for previous three years.
  • Must have the ability to achieve the renewal criteria listed below – because if you are not willing and capable of accelerated growth in your business, there is no point in continuing your journey with our program.

Package Includes

  • Quarterly boardroom-style meeting with 7-8 figure business owners and Dan Bradbury. 
  • Personal overview of your financial documents (P&L, Balance Sheet, & Statement of Cash Flows) by Dan Bradbury
  • Supportive, but straightforward feedback on financial strategies in your business. 
  • 2-hour spotlight on your business with critique and advice from fellow business owners
  • High-level conversations are the norm.  We don’t discuss day-to-day tactical challenges like overcoming objections or interview strategies for new hires. Conversation in the boardroom will be more directed toward long-term strategic maneuvers to scale your company.  You’re more likely to hear the term M&A than you are SEO.
  • Quarterly Executive Summaries evaluated by Dan Bradbury

Who is this for?

CEOs looking to eventually exit their business or create a legacy company suitable for their family to take over when the time is right.  CEOs looking for growth through acquisition, and/or scaling their company through organic growth.  This service is significantly weighted toward the financial stability of your company and making key strategic decisions based on an in-depth understanding of your financial documents.  if your goal is to strengthen your balance sheet, and massively increase your company’s valuation, this will be an invaluable tool for you.

Criteria for the ability to renew the Board of Advisors (must meet 4 of 5)

The Board of Advisors is designed for high-growth companies.  These businesses face unique challenges that companies that have plateaued do not face.  Therefore, if your company has not produced the following criteria within the first 12 months, an invitation to renew will not be given; however, you may still attend the CEO Mastermind, which would be more suited for your company in this situation. 

  • Increase in Revenues of at least 10%.
  • Increase in Profit of at least 20%
  • Production of Balance Sheet, P&L, and Cashflow for all 4 quarters on time. 
  • Attendance of all four boardroom sessions (special cases considered for family emergencies) 
  • 360-degree satisfaction score from fellow attendees of at least 80% or higher

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