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ANNOUNCING: Dan Bradbury's Coaching Training Consulting & Speaking Superconference, 24-25 March 2012...

"Here's How You Can 'Spy' on 12 of The World's Greatest Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and Speakers and Discover Their Profitable NEW Client Getting Secrets"

MISSION DEADLINE Midnight 20th March 2012 Go here now for the best price and bonuses

From the headquarters of: Dan "007" Bradbury
RE: Your TOP SECRET Mission - Should You Choose to accept it!

Dear Soon to be Secret Agent,

This is your invitation to attend a TOP SECRET event and "SPY" on 12 secret agents that I have personally recruited based on their outrageous success in business DESPITE the current economy...

And I'm going to let you sit in and eavesdrop on every single word they have to say...I've even got them to sign a TOP SECRET Full disclosure contract with me so they have to deliver BRAND NEW CONTENT THAT HASNT BEEN SEEN BEFORE that is working right NOW in 2012, they can't hold back any information...

You'll get behind closed doors access to information they ONLY share at private mastermind groups where attendees pay thousands of pounds to be there...

This is a chance to see some brand new speakers, never before seen on my stage, PLUS some true legends of our industry who are back to share NEW info on what's working and what's not in this rapidly changing industry of coaches trainers consultants and speakers...

And if they miss something you want to know, you'll get a chance to interact with the Agents at the breakout sessions (We'll get to that in a minute)

At this Top Secret event...


Here's why...

You can sit back, listen in and discover all their secrets to catapult you and your business to the next level almost immediately...

Keep reading to discover how you can reserve your seat behind closed doors and get information that's worth literally millions of pounds in the right hands...

The type of secrets that are responsible for:

  • Seven Amazon Best Selling Books

  • Over 72,000 people in seminar seats

  • More than 250 different CD and DVD products

  • 62 different TV and radio show interviews

  • 12 Different six and seven figure CTCS businessesall in different niches

  • Plus much, much more

And if you are sitting on the fence with this let me explain something to you; there has never been a more important time to launch, solidify, strengthen and/or reinvent your coaching/training/consulting business in this highly, highly profitable industry.

The industry itself and all its related businesses, from seminars to corporate coaching, selling products, masterminds, 1-1 coaching, online mentoring programs and everything in between are all changing at lightning fast speed.

Never mind thriving, to still be in business in 12-18 months time you NEED the most CURRENT guidance from bona fide experts who actually 'do' this stuff every day in their own businesses (not just teach others how to do it)

This has been worth an extra £48k per annum to me! How much could it be worth to you?

Before attending Dan's weekend I was convinced that I couldn't make more than £3k per month from NLP training and coaching I've now raised my bar to £7k and have the specific concrete plans to get there.  This has been worth an extra £48k per annum to me!  How much could it be worth to you?

-Glenn Devey

The vast importance of all this is quite simple: Whilst the worldwide recession may officially be over, a slow and painful path to recovery lies ahead. Unless you wish to struggle along for the next 3-5 years waiting for the country's finances to improve it is paramount that you get yourself into the company of the secret agents I have recruited who get 80%+ of all the money in our industry!

Are YOU Ready To Be A Secret Agent?

Back In 2011 I've seen a number of well known seminar companies, experienced consultants, speakers and online product sellers in our industry who are used to having a river of cash flow to them in 6 and 7 figure amounts suddenly find themselves in severe financial trouble or even bankruptcy. They FAILED to adapt to the changing market we now find ourselves in.


In the same 12 month period I've seen and worked with others in our industry who've celebrated their best year ever, go from zero to 6 figures in personal income, gone international, finally broke into the million pound plus per year bracket, tripled profits, become best selling authors and more. All this despite ever increasing competition and tighter purse strings.

Before the conference I was afraid of marketing and valuing my services

Before the conference I was afraid of marketing and valuing my services but now I am happy to explain my worth to others.  Go to this event if you are not satisfied with how your business is performing at present.  

-Katharine Bonney

All this 'tried and tested' experience of precisely what is and what isn't working right now has been incorporated into the topics, speakers, breakout sessions and mini workshops we're giving to you at this year's Superconference.

Time To Start Your


The truth is, its never been easier or quicker to build a six or even seven figure coaching training consulting or speaking business than right now. Regardless of whether you're wanting to do corporate work, sell products online or anything in between, you can create the lifestyle (and the bank balance) you've been dreaming of, in less than 12 months. I've seen it happen countless times with my students. The real question is 'are you up for the challenge?'

WARNING: You could easily be locked out. This Superconference was
39% sold out before I ever wrote this letter with 117 of the 300 seats already taken!!!! --- from
returning alumni, word-of-mouth, people jumping the gun and insisting on
registering long before we even set its date.

UPDATE: As of 10.40pm on Friday 2nd March, now 203 of the 300 seats have been taken.

By the way…

If you’re one of these people who thinks making money is a BAD thing… then stop reading now. Being like these secret agents is certainly NOT for you.

You see, I think it’s of the highest importance that you get handsomely rewarded for the value you provide.

But also remember that money is just a means to an end. My guess is the reason you want a thriving business is the lifestyle it will give you.

And if you get it right, this business can give you a lifestyle most “ordinary” people can only ever dream of…

  • TIME FREEDOM: More TIME to spend doing what you want, when you want!

  • NO JOB: Meaning no set hours, no long commute and no “boss” to tell you what to do and when to do it!

  • WORK ANYWHERE: Work from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere in the world you like!

  • TOTAL FULFILLMENT: Finish every day with a feeling of deep satisfaction because you LOVE what you do!

I know this may all sound like a distant dream.

This event is worth 5 times what I paid

Before I came to the conference I was procrastinating and playing small.  After the event I am totally inspired and thinking BIG!  This event is worth 5 times what I paid.  Don't even think about coming - just sign up and do it.  
-Jill Munden

But let me assure you – all this is absolutely achievable.

Because there ARE an elite group of secret agents who “get it”.

In fact…

My research shows that it’s just 6% of professionals in this industry who have 80% of the market, and of course make 80% of the income.

And it’s from this elite 6% that I select the secret agents to be at this event...

This year I’m pulling out all the stops and bringing in a select group of highly-skilled “SECRET AGENTS” to share their top secret strategies and tips for getting more clients, filling their seminars, and making more money!

I came to the coach’s Superconference with very LOW expectations...

I came with low expectations, an open mind and a closed wallet.  By the end I'd signed up for Platinum membership as I was so inspired.  

-Chris Mullen

Here’s a brief glimpse at just some of the secret agents at this year's CTCS Superconference, code named;



[any similiarity between our code name and a current Tom Cruise film is a pure coincidence!]

These secret agents are from world renowned superstars to 'under the radar' men and women who dominate their niches.

Real life Coaches Trainers and Consultants who are actually out there 'doing it' from just about every niche you can imagine! (and some you can't!)

Dan Bradbury

Dan "007" Bradbury

The "Inner Game" of the CTCS 6%ers


dan bradburyDan is the leading consultant to both the personal development and seminar industries.

Renowned for his ability to fill seminars in seemingly impossibly short spaces of time he was the first to introduce many of the marketing techniques our industry today calls 'mainstream'.

With many of the biggest names in the business on his private client list no-one knows more about the inner workings and pyschology of the 'big names' in our industry than Dan.

In his first presentation Dan will be explaining the psychology that underpins the shocking statistic that "Just 6% of professionals in our industry get 80+% of ALL the money", a statistic that is getting WORSE with each passing year (or better if you're a 6%er!)

Dan will explain why the super successful coaches trainers consultants and speakers have a completely different psychology than most. You can have the very best marketing strategies in the world, but if your pyschology isn't right, you will never make things happen. But once you understand the 6% perspective and rituals you will find yourself flying towards your dreams faster than ever before!

In his second presentation Dan will share some of the best ways we know to create a high-quality product and get it on sale – FAST!


  • A step-by-step guide to getting your first product on sale within 24 hours

  • The secret resource you can use to rapidly turn any existing content you may have into a product

  • DO’s and DON’T’s when it comes to product creation

  • Why 99% of Coaches Trainers and Consultants WASTE MONEY when they decide to create products and sell them online

  • The formula Dan uses to “launch” a new product for maximum impact

Daniel Priestley


Daniel Priestley is a pioneer in social media and affiliate marketing. He's built a multi-million pound seminar and training business using social media as the primary marketing method. He is a best-selling author and has built successful companies in Australia, Singapore and the UK. Today he is the MD of a social network with over 500,000 members and 120,000 blogs.

Daniel is one of the few people who can give you a straight answer to the question "How do I make money from social media, without spending my life glued to the laptop screen?"

Daniel will share:
1. Six very clear ways to monetise social medai.
2. Your greatest hidden asset you must leverage online.
3. Google's latest research that tells you exactly what it takes for people to buy from you.

Daniel has spoken all over the world at major international events and the overwhelming feedback is that his talks leave people feeling inspired but still grounded with a practical strategy to put in place.

"Daniel Priestley is an extraordinary entrepreneur who lives fully and gives fully. His insights into setting up and building a world class team are not to be missed. If you get a chance to hear him, take it!"

- Roger Hamilton, Best- Selling Author and Leading Entrepreneur


Mindy Gibbins-Klein


Mindy Gibbins-Klein, better known as The Book Midwife®, has helped hundreds of experts get their message out into the market by writing and publishing the best possible books, ebooks and articles, and through delivering high impact, relevant presentations and keynote speeches.

An MBA graduate in International Business, Mindy is a trained coach and marketing consultant with over 18 years of experience in the corporate world, largely running marketing departments.

Mindy established The Book Midwife® in 2001 so that she could fulfil her lifelong dream to provide personal and professional development services, and she has helped over 300 people to achieve their goals in writing their own books, articles and whitepapers quicker.

Publisher and founder of Ecademy Press, Mindy is the UK’s leading authority on writing and co-operative publishing, and passionately believes that every book deserves to be written and published.

If you want to claim your position as an expert in your field, you need to have a book.

At this year's Superconference Mindy will be sharing how you can quickly and easily get your next book written and published in just 90 days!

Dr. Topher Morrison



The economic climate is uncertain, but the solution is clear.  Tomorrows economic stability will be created by the entrepreneurs of Today.  Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are looking to big corporations as inspiration for how to run their business.  Modeling a business model that is failing is not the solution to entrepreneurial success.  In order for you, the entreprenuer to succeed you must:

- Embrace and even be inspired by the current economic climate.  

- Reposition your mindset to make you invincible against negative minded people & media.

- Discover 2 secrets that successful leaders use to inspire their teams in spite of troubled times.

- Start using Topher's own fool-proof system for winning during tough times.

- Become bulletproof from the economy!

Not only will Topher share with you these insights, but he will also be taking care of you throughout the entire event.  Topher will be your MC and host for the event, and if you didn't have the chance to see him host the 2011 Achievement Awards, let me assure you... he's going to keep you laughing a nd paying attention the entire weekend.  Some say just watching Topher 'work his magic' on stage is worth the price of admission.  

Chris Hughes


Chris’s story is nothing short of extraordinary…

At the age of 18 Chris went to work for the Cumberland Building Society for the paltry sum of just £13,000 per year.

By the age of 24 Chris was fed up of working for someone else and decided to set up his own corporate training and coaching business.

By the age of 27, Chris’s business had made him so much money he was able to pay off his mortgage.

By the age of 30, Chris bought his dream home (in cash) and never needed to work again.

Today Chris is working as much as ever. Why? Well, once he became financially free, Chris decided he was only going to do what he wanted to, but as he quickly figured out he absolutely loves coaching and training people to achieve their goals!

But that’s not the most remarkable thing about Chris…

Chris knows not only how to make money, but also how to keep (and mutiply) it! The sad truth is that many of the so called gurus who talk about 'making lots of money' are actually still living month to month.

At the 2012 Superconference, Chris will be sharing a VERY unique perspective on abundance:

- How anyone in the CTCS industry can be totally financially free within 5 years

- Why most people cannot hang on to money, no matter how much they make!

- How to earn more than ever before in 2012... and how to keep it!

- The top 3 mistakes to avoid that destroy the wealth of coaches, trainers consultants and speakers.

Polly Bauer



Polly A. Bauer is widely known today as “the credibility queen” in business and communications. During the past 40 years as a corporate CEO, board member, industry association leader, consultant, advisor, and corporate speaker, Polly has shown entrepreneurs how to rise to the top through credibility in communications.

As a former CEO of the Home Shopping Network Credit Corporation Polly has overseen hundreds of millions of dollars worth of purchases. Put another way, Polly knows what your clients want to buy, WHY they want to buy, the changing TRENDS affecting what we're currently selling in the CTCS industry, plus how to get clients to buy HIGHER priced items from you and come back to buy more often!

Andy Harrington



When it comes to public speaking and selling from the stage, Andy is THE expert.

I’ve personally paid him vast amounts of money to coach and train me to be a better speaker – and it’s been some of the best money I’ve ever spent!

In this BRAND NEW presentation prepared specially for the 2012 Superconference, Andy will be sharing his latest secret strategies for selling from the stage – giving you a step-by-step formula for getting people literally running to the back of the room to buy your stuff, as well as many more valuable tips for delivering red-hot presentations and building your seminar business.

You’ll also find out:

  • The 'Stress Free Speaker' System - How to effortlessly control your audiences with confidence and ease.

  • The 'Kick Start Content Creator' - the best and easiest way to create your own original content that will leave your audiences spellbound.

  • The 'Tri-Summit Story Telling System' - How to turn your content into a series of stories and metaphors so your audience gets your message at the concsious and unconscious level so once your talk is over they go home and take action.

  • And you’ll even see the power of these techniques in action as Andy transforms a complete “newbie” speaker into an accomplished confident pro in just 20 minutes!

Daniel Wagner


Daniel Wagner is one the UK's best loved Business and Marketing Mentors. He is the author and creator of ‘The Expert Success Formula’ and founder of the one of the UK’s leading Personal Online Brand Consultancies.

Over the last five years he has helped hundreds of individuals and business owners from all industries achieve Expert positioning and helped them multiply their profits.

His popular coaching programs and courses are helping people understand and implement the power of the internet to achieve the lifestyle they deserve based on proven success.

In the first of his two presentations at the 2012 Superconference Daniel will be talking about online video; why you MUST take advantage of this explosive trend.

With industry predictions suggesting that online video will be responsible for an astonishing 90% of online traffic by the end of 2013, you simply cannot afford to miss out on Daniel's 'how to' presentation.

Pete Bennett


Pete Bennett is a successful entrepreneur who has created dozens of money making websites and also built two multimillion pound businesses from scratch by leveraging the power of the internet - most recently, social media. A regular international speaker, Pete travels widely presenting to conferences and high level mastermind groups on how to generate traffic and sales online.

Pete Bennett explains how you can harness the power of social media to grow a huge list and generate new leads and sales on auto pilot and for next to nothing. At the 2012 Superconference he'll be sharing a little known technique to help you find people looking for your goods and services instantly - be sure to bring a pen.


Mike Southon


Mike Southon is a serially successful entrepreneur and best-selling business author.

Mike built and sold his own company in the 80s and worked with seventeen different start-ups in the 90s. Two of these companies later went public, while three went broke!

A Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, Mike speaks at over 100 events every year all over the world, to a wide variety of multi-national audiences, everyone from students to board-level executives. Mike has also interviewed over 100 successful business people including Sir Richard Branson for his new book Screw Business As Usual.

At this years Superconference Mike will be sharing his hilarious and enlightning keynote 'Something About the Beatles'

Everyone has a great business idea, whether they are looking to set up their own company or reinvent themselves and take their business to the next level. Mike uses The Beatles as an example of how to be creative and entrepreneurial, and explains how to overcome the challenges you will face along the way.

Something About The Beatles is a highly inspiring, entertaining and informative keynote that covers a wide range of key business issues, including: creativity, innovation, leadership, teamwork, mentoring, branding and business ethics.

The presentation is packed with great music and practical learning points from Mike's own twin careers as a highly successful serial entrepreneur and professional musician, all delivered with energy, style and humour.

The bottom line, Mike has been there, done that and got the t-shirt when it comes to business, speaking and coaching. You don't want to miss what Mike, John, Paul, George and Ringo have got to share with you at this year's Superconference!


I’m sure you’ll agree that’s quite a line-up!

But we've only just scratched the surface of a highly sucessful team of secret agents! (there are more speakers listed further down this page!)

As you can see each one of our speakers is well qualified to teach you what you need to know to succeed in your coaching/training/consulting business. And if you think that you can discover any of the business secrets these speakers will be revealing from any book…course …or DVD, or from some site on the internet, you are sadly mistaken.

The truth is, you will never be able to grow your coaching or consulting business to its fullest potential if you don't learn and apply the many tips these star speakers are going to reveal and share with you. Combined, you are gaining access to well over 100 years of combined experience and success! its really...

... A Top Secret Team That Even MI5 Can't Recruit...

Here are just some of other treats we’ve got in store for you at this year’s conference for Coaches Trainers and Consultants:

WHAT'S 'HOT' IN 2012: The speed at which our industry is changing is nothing short of breathtaking. Find out what the biggest changes will be in 2012 or be forever left behind!

BREAKOUT SESSIONS BASED UPON TOPICS AND ABILITY: Regardless of what business model you're using or which niche you are in we have sessions tailor made for YOU.

PLUS: The Breakout sessions are based on 2 levels of learning, the first for beginners or those just starting out to walk them through the basics step by step, the second for established coaches, trainers and consultants looking for the very latest cutting edge to give them the advantage with a completely different set of mini workshops. You have total choice over which sessions you attend, thus maximising your experience.

CONFERENCE WITHIN THE CONFERENCE: All new advanced and comprehensive series of workshops on the topic of PRODUCT CREATION. Covering getting your book written and published on inside 30 days, CD/DVD Home Study Programmes, Online courses and more. Everything you need to know to turn your knowledge into income on autopilot.

Q's LABORATORY: Hand picked key vendors, suppliers and experts that top coaches trainers and consultants rely on, here to answer your questions and solve your challenges. Exactly what you need to take all the ideas from the conference and get them implemented for you quicker than you can pull a rabbit out of a hat!

OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO SPEAK ON STAGE: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for YOU to get a “big break” speaking in front of hundreds of your peers by winning a 20-minute speaking slot at the conference! (details below)


"Do YOU Want Your Competition To Discover These Top Secret Profit Making Strategies?"

RSVP by Midnight 20th March 2012 for the best price and bonuses

I know that this will make me at least an extra £20k in the next year (part-time). Sign up with Dan - he's your man

Before this event I had no idea how to put a worth on what I do - I'm now filled with ideas to take away with me to put into action.  I know that this will make me at least an extra £20k in the next year (part-time).  Sign up with Dan - he's your man!

-Guy and Jacki Belchambers


So as you can probably imagine, its taken me months of planning (and a significan't amount of money!) to assemble this world-class group of secret agents for you, and I truly believe this year's Superconference will be the most talked about event of 2012.

So let's get straight down to business, because if you've read this far, you're probably interested in finding out about the cost (really - the INVESTMENT) to attend. When, really, you ought to be able to skip the explanation of fee altogether and simply rush to register at whatever the fee is, to get up off your wallet and get in this game. Really, the fee doesn't matter.

WHAT DOES MATTER A GREAT DEAL is what kind of life you really want to have, what kind of business you want to be in, what talents you want to develop and abilities you want to acquire, whether you want the thrills of being published, of being looked up to as an expert, coach and advisor, of having tens of thousands of pounds a month flowing into your bank account or whether you're content to remain an envious spectator or are ready to get in the game.

worth to me at least 10 times what I paid!

Before the event I was unsure of my ability and now I am glad I had the opportunity to hear and see some amazing speakers, who have inspired me on a business and personal level.  This has made the event extremely worthwhile as well as supporting a great charity and is worth to me at least 10 times that I donated.  I would recommend this to anyone considering this as they will definitely gain tons of advice.  Thank you.

-Shelina Prabatani

It would shock and amaze me that anybody who's serious about working in this industry wouldn't be at this event. Because to not be here, the learning curve is going to be exponentially longer and your going to spend (read: WASTE) so much more money along with time and hard effort that I just can't believe you wouldn't do whatever it takes to get here.

£500.00 or £5,000.00, either amount is, bluntly, pocket change to coaches, trainers and consultants who've learned to make as much money as they want materialize out of thin air, right along with me. And there are hundreds and hundreds with no more ability than you have.

You CAN win at this game, too. There's plenty of room, plenty of opportunity IF you truly want to make a positive difference in the world.




"It would be a good test of everybody's true understanding of how you actually manifest your dreams and create the life you want to just leave the price off the registration form and refuse to tell you until after you registered --- sort of like buying clothes in the very, very high-end boutiques where there are no price tags on sleeves, and if you must ask, you're probably in the wrong shop.

Here, in this case, if the issue of price will make or break your decision to attend, it may mean you aren't ready to be like any of the secret agents. That you don't really grasp the magnitude of the opportunity.

However, I wasn't eager for such a 'Top Secret Price Experiment.'

I fully expect to make an additional £50k profit in the next 12 months and have taken Dan's Platinum membership

I thought this would be more of the same, but now I believe this information is essential to anyone wanting to make massive progress in their business.  I fully expect to make an additional £50k profit in the next 12 months and have taken Dan's Platinum membership.  

-Kevin Bermingham

SO THE ANSWER IS - an exceptionally modest (in my opinion, too modest) £297.

When you consider the extraordinary calibre of speakers on show at this event, I hope you can agree this price represents possibly the greatest return on investment you will make in 2012.

But it gets even better...

Provided you register before 20th March 2012 you can book your ticket for the INSANELY low price of £248!!!

Why am I offering you this massive discount? its very simple...

(If you've ever been to one of my conferences before, you KNOW that they represent extraordinary value, in fact you might as well just skip this part and go ahead and register)

However, if you've never been before, I want to help you achieve your dreams and make your business magnificent so together we will change the world with our good works.

This Superconference is going to be the biggest and best event our industry has ever seen. To do this, I need to persuade people like you to give us a try. The best way I know how to do that is to make the offer so incredibly cheap, you'd have to be a fool NOT to attend.

Most people drop the investment to attend the Superconference just on a night out or quick shopping trip without agonizing over it. BUT nothing else you spend as much on can so completely and quickly alter your entire life for the better.


I feel that putting this into action will increase our profits by 300%.

Before the event I thought I would only find 1 piece of information.  Having done these 2 days it has practically changed my perception about my service and I feel that putting this into action will increase our profits by 300%.  Thanks Dan, it was worth every penny and I would have paid 3 times more.  

-Jackie Fletcher

You might feel like you have other financial obligations of greater priority. Whatever your level of other money priorities, you should never - NEVER! - feel guilty (or let anyone make you feel guilty) about investing in your future. You deserve it. And what could be a more important, a more RESPONSIBLE investment than this?

Or you might feel you can't find the time to attend. There's never enough time and never perfect timing. But if you are time pressed OR you aren't increasing income enough, fast enough, those are actually very solid arguments to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES and be at this Superconference.

Because I've got news for you. If you're waiting to have the time, or the money, or the experience before you invest in this, you're leaving it to pure chance, you're telling the universe "its ok, I'm not really serious about this". If you really, truly, in your heart of hearts want 2012 to be the biggest and best of your entire life so far, the year you breakthrough, you'll find a way to attend.


So, I'm rewarding you with the £99.00 discount on the ticket price of £297 for acting decisively and immediately.

Register no later than 20th March 2012, and your investment is only £248
(Fool around and you LOSE THE £99.00. And you might very well lose the opportunity to come altogether.)

These 2 days have refocused me on growth and moving forward and I can see the ideas I got driving at least £60k more business in the next year.

Before the event I would let the state of the economy distract me from what was really important for my business.  These 2 days have refocused me on growth and moving forward and I can see the ideas I got driving at least £60k more business in the next year.  

-Rob Cuesta


WHAT I MUST WARN YOU ABOUT HOWEVER; is the emotional cancer of procrastination. I find when somebody knows that "x" is the right thing to do but requires spending some sum of money they'd rather not spend, or changing a holiday they'd booked, or travelling a long distance, or anything they'd rather not do, they play a game with themselves, they set everything aside to "think it over" or take care of "a little later."

I'll tell you something, the most successful coaches trainers and consultants do NOT engage in these mind games and delays. In this particular case, it is immediately dangerous, because, again, I warn you: ALL our previous Superconferences have SOLD OUT ahead of time, and due to the increased calibre of this Superconference I expect we may sell out even quicker than usual, probably BEFORE the deadline on this page.

So you MUST act quickly or risk being told you have to sit on the sidelines as an envious spectator for another whole year. And, as you'll discover later in this letter (which I encourage you to read carefully), I'm happy to give you an ironclad GUARANTEE against waste or loss or disappointment.


Do this course it will help beyond measure too!

I'm starting my business in helping others beat postnatal depression in earnest.  I now feel full of ideas, enthusiasm and confidence in how best to serve others and myself for maximum effect.   I just can't wait to get going!  Do this course it will help beyond measure too!  

-Elizabeth Mansfield

But as I said, we've only just begun to uncover the hidden secrets in store for you...

BECAUSE DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND I’m also putting together a line-up of special "Break Out Sessions" which you'll get to CHOOSE from.

Every single one of these sessions is laser-focused on empowering you to make more money, now.

There are a wide variety of sessions for different topics as well as different levels of learning.

The first is for beginners or those looking to build a solid foundation and get the basics step by step

The second for established coaches, trainers and consultants looking for advanced strategies.

You have total choice over which sessions you attend, thus maximising your experience. You can attend all the foundation sessions, all the advanced sessions or you can mix and match, its totally up to you!

Here's a brief glimpse of what you'll get from each:

"Qs" Apprentice

(AKA The Secret weapon behind every good secret agent)


Dan Bradbury

EXTREME Business Coaching - How to Succeed in Small Business Coaching in the New Economy


Despite running three companies with a multi million pound turnover, since starting in 2006 Dan's 'side business' as a small business coach has pulled in a minimun of £80,000+ per year for just a few days per month effort.

If you listen to the fear merchants in the media, you'd think that the current economic climate would be the worst possible time to be trying to make it as a small business coach.

This couldn't be further from the truth...

In this all new presentation, listen as Dan reveals:

  • Why 2012 is the PERFECT time to be a small business coach
  • How to instantly differentiate yourself from all the 'copycat' run of the mill business coaches out there
  • Dan's trademarked 'trident' closing technique that turns 98% of prospects into paying clients (this has previously only been revealed to attendees of Dan's £3,000 per head Business Coach Training program and his £6,500 per year mastermind members)
  • The hottest niche markets for small business coaches in 2012
  • Plus much, much more!
Daniel Wagner

How to Multiply Your Income Using Personal Brand Power

Daniel has made a seven figure sum from selling his products in a variety of different niches online, and for years he told no-one! It was only after seeing how he could help other people get their messages out to the world that Daniel decided to teach it to others.

In his second presentation at this years Superconference Daniel will be sharing;

  • Why A Powerful Personal Online Brand Could Be he Answer To MULTIPLYING Your INCOME

  • The Simple 3 Step Formula For Expert Positioning In ANY MARKET

  • The 4 Secrets To Building A LOYAL FOLLOWING

  • The 3 NEW ASSET CLASSES Alongside Property You Must Know About

  • How To Exploit The WEALTH MATRIX And Avoid The Triple Whammy Of 'The

Chris Hughes

Breaking into the Corporate Training Market

Chris is the owner of The Hughes Company, a company that works with corporations to develop elite teams and maximise leadership potential. Despite no experience and no mentors when getting started, Chris's natural style and flair quickly led him to become one of the most in demand corporate trainers in the UK.    

With clients such as BT, Nat West and many other FTSE 100 companies, Chris is paid up to £40,000 per month by his clients.
Chris will be giving you his unique insights into:

  •  How to make BIG money from top corporate clients and government contracts
  •  The Top Secret to ‘getting your foot in the door’
  •  The 5 Methods he used to build a corporate training company from scratch... and how you can do the same!
Chris Matthews

How I Took My Coaching Business From Zero to £40,000 Per MONTH in Just 365 Days


Chris Matthews attended a Dan Bradbury conference back in 2010 because he was LOOKING to find a coach for himself, not because he was one!

As a direct result of what he heard at the event Chris was inspired and by the time he came back to the conference the following year he'd started his own health coaching and weight loss clinic in Newcastle with revenues of up to £40,000 PER MONTH and won himself title of 'Coach of the Year' in 2011

Chris's story in a true inspiration to anyone who has a dream and wants to turn it into a successful business. Come and attend Chris's breakout session to see exactly how he did it!

And if you're looking for more advanced, cutting-edge marketing tactics to take your business to the next level... you might choose:

007's Advanced Strategies...

(AKA The Secret Agents Masterclass)

James Lavers

Video “Psy-Ops”

AKA: How to make an obnoxious amount of money using video


What do Anthony Robbins, Dan & Lucie Bradbury, Paul McKenna, Wayne Dyer & Andy Harrington have in common (apart from being awesome!) ?

They’ve all had coaching from James Lavers on how to sell more on video.

Whether it’s selling your ideas, selling yourself, or selling your products and services - video is the most cost effective, quickest and profitable way of making an impact and an income - its also the area of fastest growth on the internet. No longer is it a question of whether to use video - it’s now about when will you use it?

Having “hollywood” production values and tonnes of web traffic won’t count for anything if you can’t relate to a camera in a way that gets your viewers attention and action! Fortunately James Lavers is the worlds leading expert on the “psychological operations” of video for people like us. James’ private client list reads like a who’s who of not only the personal development industry, but also celebrities and many of the worlds most innovative corporations, including: Sony, Nintendo, Zumba, Dyson & Acer

For the first time ever publicly, James Lavers will be sharing his portfolio of “white, gray and black hat” insider trade secrets that even his friends pay $5000 a day to learn.

You’ll leave this intense masterclass with techniques that have been tried, tested and proven to the tune of over $220Million for James’ clients over the years and which you can put to work next time you pick up a video camera to reach out to your market. If Tony Robbins can double his sales after an 8 minute consultation, how much better do you think you’ll be after an hour spent with James?

Nick James

"How to Use WEBINARS to Sell Premium Priced Services and Get Recurring Income"


Nick is well-known as the ‘go-to’ guy for CTSC’s when it comes to copywriting and online product launches.

However, since he’s been a regular at my events for a number of years, I challenged him to come up with some BRAND NEW content especially for this year’s Superconference...

So instead of talking about online launches or copywriting, Nick’s going to reveal – for the first time ever – how he’s used WEBINARS to make literally hundreds of thousands of pounds in sales.

Not only has Nick used webinars to make a multiple six figure income for his own business, but he’s also worked behind the scenes with myself and many other well-known experts such as Topher Morrison, Mindy Gibbins-Klein, and the guys at Progressive Property to generate a staggering £1.2million in sales over the last 2 years!

The simple fact is, webinars are one of the most cost-effective and highly-profitable ways to build a mailing list, create a relationship with that list, and sell your products and services.

At this years Superconference Nick will be sharing:

  • How to get hundreds of people to register and attend your webinar – one of Nick’s recent campaigns got a staggering 76% show up rate on a webinar (the average is somewhere between 30-40%)
  • Nick’s 5-step content delivery system that guarantees happy attendees AND sales!
  • How and when to pitch low-priced stuff on a webinar...
  • ...And how to sell your products and services for £5,000+
  • ...Plus Nick will show you behind the scenes of his best ever webinar launch that generated over £150,000 in sales in three days!

The presentation will include real-life statistics never before seen by anyone in our industry that will show you why NOW is the time to embrace webinars and use them to sell more products, seminars and coaching programmes.

This is a brand NEW presentation Nick has put together especially for this conference. This will be your ONLY chance to see this new material.
Dan Bradbury

ADVANCED Seminar Success Secrets

Dan BradburyAs a consultant to several large seminar companies as well as running his own events, Dan has been responsible for putting literally thousands of people in seminar seats over the past seven years.

Whether you're looking to run a large mutliday conference, a one day seminar, an exclusive workshop or something completely different, Dan knows how to fill the room!

In this advanced talk, Dan will be sharing:

  • The top 3 ways to fill any seminar even if you have NO money to spend and NO email list
  • How to get hotels to give you their meeting rooms at up to 90% off!
  • The 10 1/2 different ways to monetize any event. (most seminar/workshop organisers can't even name more than 3, let alone actually do them!)
  • How to get big name celebrity speakers to talk at your event for FREE
  • One simple secret to making sure your next event is a guaranteed sell out
  • Plus much, much more!
Viv Craske

The Facebook Marketing Blueprint for More Clients Fast


Viv CraskeFacebook Strategist Viv Craske works with the likes of Jairek Robbins, Andy Harrington, Business2012 and GroupOn-for-entrepreneurs site Huddlebuy.

Viv will be sharing his specific strategies to own your market on Facebook, so you can spend less time marketing and more time doing what you love. Facebook used right, can make the No.1 expert in your field or the market leader, quicker than doing any other form of branding, advertising or marketing.

The problem is that 99% of people are using Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages completely wrong, and are wasting time and money building a list that they don’t own and they can message en masse.

It’s easier to start a business than ever before, but attention for eyeballs has never been higher. As digital marketing becomes ever more competitive, confusing and time-consuming, many coaches, consultants and trainers are wasting valuable time and money on Facebook and digital marketing strategies that don’t work.

Viv will be sharing how to:

  • Use Facebook As Your Sales Team To Multiply Sales
  • Build A Powerful Online Lead Generation System With No Huge Overheads Or A Big Budget
  • Become The No.1 In Your Market Without Even A “Pretty” Website
  • Rapidly Build A List Of High Value Customers That Becomes Your Prime Business Asset And A Cash Cow For Years To Come

Given the right strategies, Facebook is the best and most cost effective way to have a ‘constant visibility strategy’ for your business. Whether you’re a B2B and B2C business, Facebook allows you to talk P2P (person to person) with high-value customers to build a list, and create the No.1 asset any business can have – loyal customers.

As a former award-winning magazine editor who has sold 10 million magazines and generated millions of pounds of revenue partnering with the likes of O2, Motorola, Orange, BT and Glastonbury Festival, Viv has seen traditional marketing burn out first-hand and tracked the rise of digital marketing.

PLUS - Mystery Agents Still Under My Strict Interrogation Process!
(check back later for an updated list)


Made me feel confident that I can be a great and successful coach now.

Dan's seminar removed my doubts whether or not it is actually possible to have accelerated learning through a 2 day course.  Dan put together this great collection of speakers whose stories inspired me and made me feel confident that I can be a great and successful coach now.  

-Abhijit Bhattacharjee

But of course, its not only about what happens on stage...

Because not only am I bringing in these magical coaches trainers and consultants to share their most intimate business secrets with you, I’ve also invited some of my “secret weapons” to come along and showcase their services in my secret agent headquarters...

These are the guys I turn to time and time again, whenever I’ve needed high-quality and professional:

  • Web design solutions

  • Product creation services

  • Digital and physical product order fulfilment

  • Copywriting

  • Back office systems

  • Teleconferencing facilities

After attending this event I know that I will generate at least £100k to my business in the next 12 months.

As a successful owner of a business after working with Dan Bradbury I felt I'd got as much as he had to give.  After attending this event I was blown away by the added value I received from Dan and all the speakers.  This I know will generate at least £100k to my business in the next 12 months.  If anyone is in 2 minds about coming to this event in the future to quote a famous sports manufacturer 'just do it!'  You'll be glad you did.  

-Mike Burge

I’ve personally tried and tested every single one of the exhibitors on show at the Superconference, meaning if you have the need for any of their services you can save yourself days of needlessly searching around for the “right” supplier AND you can be 100% certain of their integrity and their ability to deliver the results you want!

"Your MISSION Is About To Expire In 10...9...8..."

If you take F-A-S-T 'ACTION' and register before the 20th March deadline, not only will you receive a £100 discount on the regular ticket price you'll ALSO receive a "Social Media Maverick Secrets" Worth £147.00. Stop wasting your time on social media and start making it pay! Brand new fast and easy social media 'hacks' to rapidly raise your profile, build your list, fill your seminars and sell your products that you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE. (Part of the bonus day on the Friday before the conference.)




***A Very Special Opportunity To Pick What YOU Want To Do***



Product Creation Masterclass

Delivered exclusively by Dan

Without a doubt, selling products is the single most profitable way for you to get your message out to the world.

You can reach an international audience…

You see all these testimonials? All these people are not wrong!

Dan's event has given me more applicable information than anything else I have ever bought before.  If you have any hesitations just do it.  You see all these testimonials? 
All these people are not wrong!

-Robert Hopkinson

You’ll never have to meet with a client, speak to them on the phone, or even send them an e-mail…

In fact, you get paid for pretty much sitting there doing nothing!

Having a range of products is the best way to completely AUTOMATE your business.

But be warned: The product creation process CAN take a reasonable amount of time and effort, which is why most coaches don’t do it and end up slogging their guts out doing one-to-one sessions for tiny fees.

But if you commit to the “selling products” model – and you do it properly – you really can enjoy the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and STILL get paid!

Saturday Evening BONUS Workshop:

The Product Creation Masterclass: How To Have an International Business And Get New Clients While You Sleep!”

On Saturday evening I’ll be hosting the “Product Creation Workshop” where a mystery secret agent and myself will share some of the best ways we know to create a high-quality product and get it on sale – FAST!


  • A step-by-step guide to getting your first product on sale within 24 hours

  • The secret resource you can use to rapidly turn any existing content you may have into a product

  • DO’s and DON’T’s when it comes to product creation

  • Why 99% of Coaches Trainers and Consultants WASTE MONEY when they decide to create products and sell them online

  • The formula I use to “launch” a new product for maximum impact

  • Get your first book written, published and on sale at within 4 weeks (and less than 10 hours total effort!)

Register before the 20th March deadline, you'll automatically be entitled to attend this 'Conference within a Conference' workshop on the Saturday evening after the regular conference has finished for FREE


Given this rare opportunity to legally STEAL Top Secret information responsible for creating 6 and 7 figure businesses and your free bonuses I can only think of 3 reasons why you might not attend...

#1: “Another seminar is one too many…..”

#2: The cost….

#3: Doesn’t apply to me….

#1 – This is anything but “another seminar.”

First of all, there are a lot more ‘moving parts’ than at ordinary seminars: most attendees profit ENORMOUSLY from networking….from finding new vendors they would never know existed otherwise…. and more.

Second, this is the annual Coaching Training and Consulting Superconference. The fact that I am putting it on separates it by miles from all other seminars having anything to do with coaching, training or consulting.

My reputation for bringing together LEGITIMATE experts who are actually LIVING WHAT THEY TEACH, CURRENTLY…and for revealing insider information….is unmatched. That’s why so many of the attendees immediately registered for this year’s Superconference before leaving last year’s event, and many return every year – seeing direct income increases as a result. This is the gathering of everybody who’s anybody as well as the fastest rising stars.

Attendance is virtually MANDATORY for every serious and successful coach, trainer or consultant as well as those serious about entering our industry. And, of course, there is no other opportunity to hear from Dan about his current work with leaders in this field.

#2 – Ask any of the year-after-year returning attendees, they will tell you – forcefully – that the cost is zero.

It’s a lot more expensive to stay home and miss out on the opportunities that make so many people's dreams come true.

There is no other event in our field from which a higher percentage of attendees go home and
create as much money
. And again, the fee should be irrelevant, because attendance is virtually MANDATORY for every serious and successful coach, trainer and consultant as well as those serious about entry. But, the fee is still DEEPLY DISCOUNTED for you, when you act immediately on this advance invitation. there is no other opportunity at any time to secure a lower registration fee than right now, before 20th March.

Yet every year, hundreds procrastinate, wait to receive mailing after mailing, and ultimately pay a much higher fee to get in. DON’T THROW MONEY AWAY. Take care of this now. You KNOW you need to be here!

#3 – not important for you? Maybe you think you’re “too smart for the room” – but I DARE you to match up your business with those of so many of the attendees in the business for 3, 5, 7, even 10 years back at this Superconference for yet another year. The smartest six and SEVEN figure earners in this field attend the Superconference, even if they attend no other event all year long.

This is a FAST CHANGING FIELD with new breakthroughs, new opportunities and, new PROBLEMS to be solved occurring daily – and nobody, nobody, nobody is on top of it like myself and my Superconference line up of speakers are. It’s a grievous error to under-estimate how much hassle, aggravation and heartbreak you'll be avoiding as a direct result of the information you'll get at the Superconference.

But what if you’re brand new or even at the point of figuring out whether or not to get started in this business? The Superconference can be the fastest start, the greatest shortcut, the best prevention of costly mistakes and time-wasting detours down blind alleys. Many people have made attending the Superconference their Launching Pad to creating the career they've always dreamed of.

Simply put, there is no legitimate reason not to take full advantage of this unique opportunity – that only comes once a year, and this year, is bigger, better, more laser-focused on new breakthroughs than ever. And – obviously – more star studded than ever!


But what would the Superconference be without a SUPER guarantee...

Dan’s NO NONSENSE TOP SECRET Superconference Guarantee…”

As always, when you book your ticket you also have a 100% money back guarantee.

Meaning… if at any time during the conference you feel it wasn’t worth TEN TIMES what you paid to attend, I’ll give you all your money back. No questions. No small print. Just speak to me or one of my team and I’ll gladly refund your investment in full.


I’ll also PAY YOU up to £250 towards your documented travel and accommodation expenses – so you really do have NOTHING to lose.


Here's all the event details you need so you can get it booked in your diary...


Superconference Dates: Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th March 2012 (Bonus day Friday 23rd March - see below for info)

Times: 9am-9pm Saturday, 9am-6pm Sunday (Registration from 7:30am on Friday 23rd if attending the bonus day, otherwise from 7.30am Saturday morning)

Venue: Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow

NB: Due to the nature of these events, they can over-run, so staying over at the venue hotel is highly, HIGHLY recommended! (Further travel and hotel information, including discounted room rate will be sent to you once you've registered)

If you're still reading this message and haven't yet booked your place, the following TOP SECRET bonuses are going to twist your arm even further...

Book your place before
MIDNIGHT 20th March
and you'll also receive the Following FREE bonus gifts:


A ticket to the exclusive "Social Media Maverick Secrets" on Friday 23rd March - VALUE: £197

To warm you up and get the ball rolling on a weekend of cash-generating action, we'll be hosting an exclusive bonus day on Friday 23rd March (the day before the Superconference).

Stop wasting your time on social media and start making it pay! Brand new fast and easy social media 'hacks' to rapidly raise your profile, build your list, fill your seminars and sell your products that you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE.





A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity For YOU To Speak On My Stage At The Coaching Training and Consulting Superconference!

arrowdan on stage

Also on Friday 23rd March, immediately after the Social Media Maverick Secrets, I’m hosting a special “Success Stories” bonus session where I’m asking YOU to get on stage and share your message.

This represents a MASSIVE opportunity for you to showcase your business in front of hundreds of people and gain massive exposure!

The reason I’m doing this is that I want the NEW Coaches, Trainers and Consultants in the audience to see as many real-life success stories as possible, to give them the inspiration and belief that it’s absolutely possible to build a successful business helping people.

So, here’s how it’s going to work…

Once you’ve reserved your ticket at the Conference you’ll be sent an application form where you can submit your case to be one of the six hand picked guest speakers on the Bonus Day.

The closing date for applications will be the 10 March 2012. At this time I’ll review all the applications and contact the six people who I think have the best success story and will give the best 20 minute presentation at the Conference.

These sessions will be recorded and given to you, so you can use them in your own business as you see fit!




A ticket to the APCTC networking evening on Friday 23rd March - VALUE: £97

The CTCS Superconference attracts some of the biggest names in the industry as attendees. Connect with them, share ideas and arrange joint ventures during our dedicated networking evening. This, surely, more than worth the price of admission by itself.





A ticket to James Bond's "Casino Royale" on the evening of Saturday 24th March - VALUE: £50

After a long day learning from the best in the business, let your hair down on Saturday night and join us at the gambling tables to play roulette, black jack and more! Each guest will be given £150 casino money to play with and the person who wins the most money at the end of an evening gets a special prize! Fellas, get the tuxedos out and hit the Poker tables. Ladies, it's time to bring on the glitz in glamorous gowns and risk at all on Roulette!



Here's What You're Going To Receive
When You Accept Your Mission For The TOP SECRET Superconference
Before 20th March 2012

As you can see, this event is not only loaded with information, opportunities and bonuses, but you also get tons more. Since we've covered so much ground, let's do a quick recap, shall we?

  • You get 2 Full Days Of Intensive Training with EXPERT SPEAKERS: You’ll see some of the world’s most successful coaches, trainers and consultants LIVE on the main stage revealing the strategies they used to make their way to the top, including BIG names like Mike Southon, Topher Morrison, Daniel Priestley, Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Andy Harrington, James Lavers and Chris Hughes

  • You Get High-Impact Content in Specialised Breakout Sessions: Pick and choose the perfect topics that will most help your business.

  • You Get PRODUCT POWER: On Saturday evening, you get the 'Conference within the Conference'. You’ll learn how to spread your message far and wide by creating and selling high-value products such as CDs and DVDs. This allows you to completely AUTOMATE your coaching consulting or training business so it can run without you needing to be there!

  • You Get 48 Hours of Top-Calibre Networking Contacts where you can mingle and rub shoulders with other attendees, giving you ample opportunity to create strong friendships, solid partnerships and potentially highly profitable joint ventures. Do this during the breaks or at our dedicated networking evening on Friday night

  • You Get "Social Media Maverick Secrets" Worth £197.00. Stop wasting your time on social media and start making it pay! Brand new fast and easy social media 'hacks' to rapidly raise your profile, build your list, fill your seminars and sell your products that you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE. (Part of the bonus day on the Friday before the conference.)

  • You get the OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO SPEAK ON MY STAGE: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for YOU to get a “big break” by winning a 20-minute speaking slot in Friday’s bonus session. Imagine yourself right now, speaking in front of hundreds of the most highest paid...and Highly connected people in your industry…what would be the value of that to you? Priceless. It could take you from being an unknown prodigy, to a revered celebrity in your field literally overnight!

  • You Get a Ticket to CASINO ROYALE:et your hair down on Saturday night and join us at the gambling tables to play roulette, black jack and more! Each guest will be given £150 casino money to play with and the person who wins the most money at the end of an evening gets a special prize! Fellas, get the tuxedos out and hit the Poker tables. Ladies, it's time to bring on the glitz in glamorous gowns and risk at all on Roulette!


Think about this for a moment...

What we offer at the Superconference is real world value and worth its weight in pure gold.
And as you can see for yourself in the boxes sprinkled out in this letter, many lives have been changed from the content we provide. Each and every minute will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. Our rave reviews and case studies (by looking at past attendees who return again and again) is proof positive that this event is the real deal. You will not find value like this…for YOUR business…anywhere else, I can guarantee you that.
If you apply the principles myself and the other speakers give you at this year's Conference, YOU WILL MAKE MORE MONEY.

Not only that, you’ll also increase your status as an expert in your field, help more people, AND find a business model that fits perfectly with the lifestyle you really want!

You must clearly see your attendance at the Superconference as an investment. An investment which is guaranteed to benefit you, your clients, your family, and everyone else around you, and you must also understand that I’ve already spent TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds on hiring the venue for this year’s Superconference, as well as paying for equipment, flying in our secret agents etc…however despite all this I’ve decided to set your investment at an insanely low price of £297.

But if you ACT NOW, you can book your early bird ticket for just  £248 until 20th March 2012


And if that's not enough, remember you're 100% protected by our TOP SECRET guarantee...

Dans NO NONSENSE TOP SECRET Superconference Guarantee…”

As always, when you book your ticket you also have a 100% money back guarantee.

Meaning… if at any time during the conference you feel it wasn’t worth TEN TIMES what you paid to attend, I’ll give you all your money back. No questions. No small print. Just speak to me or one of my team and I’ll gladly refund your investment in full.


I’ll also PAY YOU up to £250 towards your documented travel and accommodation expenses – so you really do have NOTHING to lose.

Book your ticket for just £248 until 20th March 2012– At This TOP SECRET discount!


IMPORTANT: Read this before making your decision…

Please don’t think of this as simply a decision of whether or not to attend just another “seminar”.

This time next year you could have the business – and the lifestyle – you’ve always dreamed of.

Waking up each day, excited to be helping hundreds, maybe even thousands of people AND getting handsomely rewarded for doing so!

Make no mistake about it. The people who attend the Coaching Training and Consulting Superconference GET RESULTS.

Just take a look at just a few of the past attendees:

Over £110,000 In The First 12 Months!”

When I met Dan I had no business systems or funnel to generate clients. Now just 12 short months later it’s hard to believe that I’ve made in excess of £110,000... all by creating a systemised process and range of products and services.

I’d encourage any Coach, Trainer or NLPer who is truly serious about growing their business to take advantage of Dan’s marketing expertise, as well as the power of having a high-quality group of peers.”

David Salmon

Over £90,000 From Just One Idea!”

Dan Bradbury is one the brightest marketing minds around and I’m proud to say I’ve received a return on my investment many time over since meeting him just a few months ago.
Within a month of hearing Dan’s advice I put on my first training day and made over £17,000.
In January, I took Dan’s advice again and launched my own group membership program. To date I have had 30+ members join at £3,000 each, that’s over £90,000 from just one idea!
Whilst there are no results without hard work, I can confidently say since joining the group my business has gone from strength to strength.
Daniel Wagner

4 minute chat got me $16,467 extra"

There's only a handful of people on my speed-dial that I turn to when I need advice that WORKS and that I can put into play immediately in my business. Dan is one of those people I TRUST.

Just recently, a 4 minute chat with Dan and a quick tweak to one of my websites brought me in an EXTRA $16,467!!

His blueprints WORK...and with Dan there's no fluff...just honest, practical expert know-how that get you success like a champ! Not only that - Dan's a solid family guy full of integrity.

Whatever he says to do next...I'd DO IT! Do what truly shrewd and committed business owners do and GET DAN!

James Lavers

"I had them jumping over the tables.."

After meeting Dan for the first time at the weekend I came up with an Idea for an E-book. I took all the techniques from Dan and sold it at the end of my talk. Well, I had them jumping over the tables for the last remaining e-books. There was 32 in the seminar and I sold 20 so far at £147. I have them still ringing me after the event!

Ex Premier League Footballer Lee Sandford

"Just One Idea Doubled the Number of New Clients"

"Dan Bradbury is a truly caring soul making a huge difference by helping coaches and trainers get their message out to the world.

Just one idea from Dan doubled the number of new clients signing up for my material.This one strategy will be worth significan't increased income to my business this year.

If you are a coach, NLPer or trainer who wants to fill your seminars or just get more clients, Dan Bradbury is one of the only people who can put his money where his mouth is.
Dan delivers the goods, so I wholeheartedly endorse all Dan's trainers and products."

Jamie Smart

"...£167,352 in the last 6 months"

Thanks directly to Dan Bradbury’s advice, I personally have pocketed an extra £167,352 in the last 6 months. Thank you Dan!”

Dr Topher Morrison – Master Trainer of NLP

So - Are You Ready to Join Them?


Remember - If you don’t respond to this invitation fast your spot will be filled by someone else.

Now you’ve read what others say about the Superconference —  I’m up to the challenge of living up to my reputation.  its my passion in life to help other people free themselves and then enrich themselves through creating coaching and consultancy businesses that provide YOU with the lifestyle you desire.

This TOP SECRET Coaching Training and Consulting Superconference is the only one that offers such a rich variety of resources, proven teaching and wealth creation methods, geared solely for coaches and consultants, and you'll learn techniques you can take home to use, to break through the stranglehold of wickedness that this industry may be holding you under.  Act now we don’t have a second more to waste!  Register your place now before the 20th March deadline and save yourself £49.

There are only 97 seats remaining... and once they're gone, this page will disappear and the doors for this year's Superconference will slam shut.

UPDATE: As of 10.40pm on Friday 2nd March, now 203 of the 300 seats have been taken.

Think of it a bit like one of those all-action films when you see James Bond sprinting towards a slowly closing vertical gate. With each step he takes towards the gate, the gap at the bottom becomes smaller and smaller, and just when you think they've missed the opportunity, they lunge forward and squeeze through the tiny gap.

That's what its going to be like for this Superconference.

Remember, every year the Superconference completely sells out. And every year someone misses out. The spaces at the hotel are NOT expandable. Our secrets are powerful…but not that powerful…Once these spaces are gone, they’re gone and you’ll be locked out. This is a chance for you, can you see that?

…Are you ready to accept this MISSION?

*** Claim Your Ticket Now ***

Step 1: Complete the form below

Contact Information
First Name *
Surname *
Email *
Phone *

Warmest Regards,

Dan Bradbury

Dan Bradbury
P.S. The £100 discount expires on 20th March 2012 – so be sure to book your ticket NOW to get the best deal possible.

P.P.S. Remember: when you attend the Coaching Training and Consulting Superconference you do so with ZERO RISK! If at any time during the Conference you don’t feel it’s worth TEN TIMES what you paid to attend, just let me know and I’ll refund your investment in full – PLUS up to £250 in documented travel and accommodation expenses!

What Others Have to Say About Our Previous Conferences...

Hi Dan, wow what can I say, you did it again, fabulous job, tremendous stuff well done.  Had to come back to one of your seminars and will again take some of the amazing gems of information away with me to implement and move my business forward more.  I recommend to anyone to get along to your next seminar keep doing what you do.  

-Jonathan Griffin

This event has given at least 10 good practical ideas I can implement within 1 week.  

-Michael Snuggs

Since attending this event I have discovered the product range I wish to create and the marketing strategy and the motivation to do it.  To anyone considering attending a future event I can highly recommend it and cam sure you will get full value from it.

-Steve Catchick

Don't think about it just sign up.  its informative and will change your way of looking at the business of coaching!

-Jane Pitchford

I have struggled in the past to think about my business and how to market it.  Attending this event has helped clarity several key concepts which would be absolutely useful to me.  The speakers were genuine and the content was great.  I would highly recommend that you attend Dan's events.  

-Chiraag Swaly

Before this event I needed loads of information and a starting point, at the end I have all I need and more.  This is invaluable to me.  If you need information but also inspiration then go to Dan and his associates.  Brilliant!  Awesome!  

-Halina Mieczkowska

Friday night I didn't want to get up for Dan Bradbury's NLP & Coaching Business Conference 2009 I was unsure about the intention and content.  The event exceeded all expectations the content is world class.  If you have the chance to so this event whether you have a business or intend to start one - do it and do it now.  

-Alan Dixon

Some really interesting speakers from which I have taken nuggets of information to use with clients.  

-Margaret Shea

Before the event I was floundering on my venture for seminars with attracting attendees.  During the event I have learned of countless strategies that I will implement.  

-Amanda Garcia

Before the event I was a bit sceptical about the content quality however I was so impressed by the quality of speakers and the richness of content.  I wouldn't hesitate recommending this to anyone who needs to gain some focus to how they effectively market their business.  

-Martin Crisp

I wasn't sure as I am new to this.  But after the event I really feel I have been given a new life, new chance.  I'm ready to go - the experience is priceless.  I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to change and better their life.  
-Jehangir Malik

Fantastic event!  Brilliant content and leaving inspired!  I would highly recommend Dan's events

-Yolanda Earl

I did not feel like coming to this event.  I felt unsure.  Now I feel clearer, have a sense of certainty am creating a support network and am inspired.  I can imagine I will create a business from the juice of this event that will be orgasmic.  If you are a coach this program will give the path and the energy to move forward and get results.  
-Natalie Lamb

Don't hesitate! Just get as much of Dan Bradbury as you can.  I was sceptical - would I hear anything new?  I did - a lot!  Excellent content and fabulous variety of speakers.  It gave me the sharp laser focus vision to move me forward to my wildest dreams in the next few months and beyond.  

-Alain Balanche-Jacquet

I've never been to a seminar before I feel I got so many really practical suggestions. Well worth doing.  

-Katharine Graves

Before this, I was trudging along in my business but after this weekend I was truly
inspired and refocused to move my business to the next level.  I was also not sure whether to buy the recordings of the event but after one speaker (Laura Spicer) that was worth the whole weekend.  I went and bought the CD for me and some friends who needed to hear it!  Everyone should attend Dan's seminars no matter what you do, coaching, property or stocks! Thanks you!!
-Sudeshna Choudhury

Before the seminar I had no focused skills on how to market my business.  Now I have a wealth of tips and resources to create structure and progress to make my efforts more effective.  I would recommend this seminar to anyone working to create more wealth for their coaching.  
-Helen Jones

Before the event I wanted to put together products and launch this side of my business but needed to cement my confidence to do it.  After this event it has inspired me to go home and just do it and not procrastinate.  The seminar was definitely worthwhile on a motivational and monetary level.  

-Alison Mannell

Dan, I was sceptical of the event but the quality of the speakers have fired me up to take things to a new and bigger level.  I believe this information will generate an extra £20k in the coming year.  Anyone considering this event should endeavour to be there at all cost.  

-Kieran Kelly

I had many emails from Dan Bradbury inviting me to meetings and always felt uncomfortable about going to an event where I knew no one.  However, Dan's plan for help in raising money for the hospital tipped me into saying yes.,  How pleased I am I did for I moved on from indecisive on my future business moves and now I have at least 3 concrete ideas to get me going again.  I also enjoyed the event immensely and feel great about recommending any of Dan's events to anyone else and I will come again.  Thank you.  

-Annette Ecuyere

I was sceptical about making a =success by coaching and mentoring.  After the event I had specific instructions how to do it.  It was worth much more than what I paid for it.  If you are not sure I can assure you that you will not regret it.  

-Eva Godden

Thank you Dan, before I came to this event I was unsure about how to get started and choose a niche for my business.  I now have the tools to do so.  This event is worth ten times more than what I paid for it.  

-Wendy Birmingham

Before I was feeling a bit daunted by the task of establishing my coaching practice.  After, I am feeling reinvigorated, energised and motivated to take action.  The added bonus of helping the charity was a great incentive to attend.  Every speaker gave something of value and practical, useful ideas to share and use.  

-Nikki Wild

Dan, before this event I was very wishy-washy about my business goals but now I have a clear vision of where I want to be in the next 12 months time.  This is worth a huge amount to me in terms of money, time and focus.  The speakers all gave excellent content and value and I picked up key notes from everyone.  To quote one speakers advice 'just do it!'

-Gillian Fox

Before I had no idea what to do with my ideas and business.  Now (after) I am much more charged, focused and motivated.  I would definitely recommend this event to all the people I know having issues with their business.  Thanks.  

-Monica Montanaro

I was so confused about the strategies of running a successful seminar - now I know exactly what to do.  It was worth giving up an entire weekend, not seeing my kids and having little sleep.  I would encourage anyone considering coming to one of Dan's seminars.  Just do it!

-Catriona Mason


Before I came to this event I was not sure how to get products for my business effortlessly and now I have learnt some good strategies and cost effective ways to do this with some great real examples.  It was worth multiples of the payment and I would say to anyone wanting to enhance their business should take action now.  

-Tony Mourmiri

Before the event I was very slow in taking action with my business.  After the event I now feel inspired to take massive action the speakers were real and made it sound so easy.  I now feel I can do it.  This was worth much more than I paid, however, I feel great that I donated money to a worthwhile cause.  Priceless.  

-Diane Laing

Before I came to the conference I had lost focus and drive.  The speakers were fantastic and the whole weekend has given me the energy and drive to really make a difference to my business.  If you are thinking about attending one of Dan's conferences, just do it!

-Vanessa Barker

Not being an NLPer or coach I was unsure of the value of this seminar but this event proved to be hugely valuable in ideas for growing my business and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone hesitating to sign up.  Just do it!

-Lynda Panter

Before this event I felt this may not be for me as I have not yet set up a business but infact I have gained skills to enable me to look more seriously about setting up a business.  The weekend has meant that I have received £1000 worth of skills and tools for a very small amount.  I would recommend this course to anyone even if you are not yet ready to start your business.  

-Helen Martin

The event gave me new prospective on charging my services.  I feel that I have gained more confidence in myself and less fear around charging money.  I have plenty of new ideas which are really valuable to me.  

-Renata Hendrychova

Before I was sceptical if I could get great outcome from the event but I am glad I did it.  The ideas and advice work!  Easy to apply and take action.  The benefits I've received would be worth £12k.  

-Jasmina Papakyriacou

Was interested but sceptical as have been to several bad seminars but impressed with the value of advice and speakers on offer.  I expect to make some very profitable decisions because of it so very valuable to me.  Get on it if you need to learn about marketing.  

-Stephen Erdman

I was sceptical as to the value of attending.  Turned out an awesome experience where else could I have been!  If you are hesitation stop and sign up.  

-Kevin Belton

Dear Dan, I've been feeling confused and overloaded with manifesting my business.  I came along but wasn't sure how today's course could help me.  However, I found the whole event absolutely amazing.  I've left with a ton of extremely valuable information.  Sincere thanks.  

- Wendy Dashwood-Quick

Before this event I had completely lost my way on what I wanted from my business.  Now I feel I can start Monday morning with renewed energy, focus, enthusiasm and direction.  This event has been/will be worth £10k to me.  I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone who wanted to move forward in their life and business.  Any investment will be well worth it.  

-Joanne Element

Before this event I was feeling overwhelmed with information and not knowing precisely the next steps to take.  The strategies I've learnt will be easy to implement and worth thousands of pounds in additional revenue for my business.  

- Allison Marlowe

Before this event I didn't know how to get a good testimonial nor whether raising my prices would have a positive impact.  After the event I know that I shall take action and it will make a difference.  This seminar was worth at least £1000.  To anybody who is a coach I would say don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn how to create a successful coaching business.

Before I came I was unsure but as I had bought Dan's 'The Coaches Code' I thought it would be useful.  Now that I attended I am very happy that I did.  This was an investment in myself first then into my emerging coaching business.  

-Hanan Basher

I didn't know anything about Dan before attending this event other than a few of his emails.  I was so surprised by what he shared and how easy it is for me to apply what I now know.  What I paid for this quality event, given the rich knowledge shared by so many accomplished speakers is invaluable.  I would recommend anyone who wants to grow their business to go.  

-Jacqueline Robbins

Dan before this session I was not sure how I was going to take my coaching business forward.  I am now confident that I already have all the skills and some great new ideas.  This seminar was great value and it was worth giving up my weekend for.  I sincerely recommend anyone to attend this event in the future and I look forward to attending another of your events.  

-Donovan Grant

Initially I was sceptical and not sure whether to come but I'm now really glad I came. I have gained lots of practical ideas and tools that I can implement that will really help my clients and my business.  its definitely worth far more than the ridiculously low price and I would recommend it to anyone running their own business.  

-Denise Parker

I was unsure about the way to proceed my coaching and consultancy business before the conference.  But with many fantastic speakers I have now been able to prioritise and to implement action.  This event has been immensely valuable to my business.  

-Paul Round

Dan, your knowledge and presentation has shifted my mindset to a better place.  The tips I am going to implement are worth thousands to me.  If you are looking to move your business forward then see Dan the man.  

-Dave Holland

Before the event I was struggling with a head-cold and was considering staying in bed.  So glad I now attended.  Great speakers, great learning and fantastic amount of money raised for charity.  I would normally pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds to attend a similar event.  If anyone is considering attending one of Dan's events I would say just do it.  

-Adrian Swinscoe

Before coming on this event Dan was unknown to me but having spent the past 2 days in his presence the knowledge I have gained from the experience has been invaluable and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to understand how to market coaching services on the internet.

-John Cavill

Before this event I had no idea about how to market myself and my business.  I received so many clear and easy tips and ideas that I feel confident I can do this myself.  I would value this weekend at £500 and urge everyone to take advantage of this wealth of expertise.

- Meg Green

Before the NLP Coaching weekend I was not convinced that I had enough experience and skills to launch my business and now I believe that after listening to the speakers I will be starting on Monday.  Excellent value.  Thanks Dan.  

-Ingrid Fear

Having attended previous events my expectations were high.  I wasn't disappointed.  I now have a number of strategies taken from all the speakers to drive my business forward.  I'll be at the next event and recommend you are too.  

-Doug Marshall

Before the event I did not believe I could or wad capable of really expanding my business and after attending I feel absolutely able to and more importantly know I can.  It is worth for me the difference between surviving and really living.  I would say to anyone go along to the seminar and just watch, listen and believe.  

-Judith Beck

Wasn't sure about coaches being able to make a good living from coaching which was a limiting belief it has proved tome it is most definitely possible.  It is extremely valuable to me to learn this as it gives me self belief to drive forward in my business which is worth thousands.  I would highly recommend this conference to any coach as a not to be missed event at any cost.  

-Anna Murrell

A really worthwhile event.  Before I signed up I thought it would be just another seminar but what I received was golden gems of information that will motivate me to take action and push my business aspirations forward.  

-Giulia Buttery

I really didn't think I'd learn that more, however, I've possibly got more help than I can cope with fantastic.  If I'd been asked to pay for this event and what its worth is immeasurable.  Certainly its worth at least £20k to me this year.  If anyone sends you an email recommending a Dan Bradbury - go you won't regret it.  

-Bryan Walters

Before the weekend I was unsure how to move coaching from a one-to-one scenario into workshops, products etc.  However, after listening to the speakers I've come up with a workshop idea and a strategy to market test it.  Plus following up with a product, referrals etc.  To anyone thinking about the coaching business I would say you can't afford to miss this.  

-Claire Beegan

Before I was a bit low in confidence and struggling in business and massively stressed. Now I feel inspired bursting with amazing strategies that can serve me and my clients better. Beyond that I have connected with loads of special people and my spirit is reenergised. All this from a business seminar.  What I would say is come along absorb the atmosphere the positive vibe and the cutting edge tools and learn from the best.  

-Trevor Aird

Before this event I was unsure how to do internet marketing. Now I will restart my website tonight I believe this is worth at least £5k to me.  I would recommend Dan's course to anyone.  

-Jim McCulloch

Before I came I felt unequipped to make money. After these inspiring presentations of advice from real experts I'm convinced I can make real money in the next year.  The weekend was worth £4k.  If you are hesitant about going into business attend this weekend - you'll never regret it.  

-Michael Collins

Prior to this event I was unsure how to sell from the stage.  I have seen a masterclass in selling to an audience which achieved great results.  I now know how to influence audiences to buy expensive products.  This is a financially dynamic method to make money.  

-Paul Castle

Before I was interested as to the value I would get.  A fantastic line up of speakers made me aware of all the possibilities where I can make a difference to my business practices.  Inspiring, fun, energising. Now I'm certain of having a highly successful and financially rewarding future.  Thanks Dan and Team.  

-Eddi Gregg

I attended Dan's event in the hope of picking up a few ideas of how to take my business to the next level. If I'm honest the next level scared me as i was concerned about the extra workload i would have to take on. After two amazing days i can honestly say my business is already at the next level but the techniques and strategies i have been shown will allow me to enjoy more free time than i previously had.

- Mark Reynolds

Before this event i was unsure of how to move my business in a direction where i could create wealth. As a result of this event, i have gained a tremendous amount of information that i can take away and implement. It was well worth my money and time.

- Jabou Foon

Before the conference i didn't know anything about Keith Cunningham. However, his real answers to the questions about the real challenges for anybody running a business really resonate with me! Just amazing! I realise how important it is to get the right mentor and coach. The reason? I want to get up and play the next match and i will enjoy it!

- Licia Accorsi

I loved the ideas and inspiration i found and gained at the Top Gun conference. I've already taken action! Thanks Dan!

Kay Wnekowski

I was trying to come to terms with shocking news that completely changed my sense of who I was. Now I have come to realise that by accepting who I am I can move forward with purpose using the strategies and resources learned from the speakers. I discovered I am already a big success and I learned how to build on that success.

-Rory Patton

I am an interview coach before the course I was quite unsure on how to promote myself through video or blogging. Now I feel confident about uploading a simple video to my website and I'm excited about promoting my mew e-book that way. I also found the presentation about how to break into the corporate coaching market extremely useful and full of practical ideas.

- Margaret Buj

During the Top Gun Superconference I became aware that there is more than one really exciting niche where I have all the abilities to work in. Right now my niche is sales negotiation and I will now create at least two more that could be found on my website in a few weeks time.

- Wolfgang Boenisch

Before I attended this event, I had reached a brick wall. I needed to move on but didn't know how, I had no support and no clear direction – I was working hard, I had passion, but nothing was happening. Two days later - wow! I have found clarity, direction, renewed passion, support and new friends. I am soaring!

-Elizabeth Dutton

Before i cam to this event i lacked clarity and focus about my business aspirations. Since attending this event I am absolutely focused and not only have a clear business structure I also have a clear marketing plan to make those a reality.

-Samantha Melling

Three weeks ago before the Top Gun Superconference I had never heard of Dan Bradbury. As a result of everything I have heard, my future self-map is clear AND I'm ready to implement it!

- Trevor Wilson

Dear Dan,
Before this event I was unclear about the next steps to take in order to maximise my online marketing, plus in what order and how and whether it would actually work. I've come away with so many ideas I can't wait to get started! its been a total revelation and a massive boost to me personally.

-Wendy Dashwood-Quick

Before the Superconference i was fearful of sharing my story and asking for money in return. After selling over £2,400 of my web design and mentoring services, I'm now ready to speak in front of many more audiences and drive my business forward five times as fast!

- James Watson

Before this event, I was confused about where to start – products, website, squeeze pages. Which comes first? Thanks to Dan and the other speakers, I now have clarity in where i need to start, what action I need to take and the outcome I have to achieve in order to create the life my clients and I deserve to lead.

-Diana Barden

Before this event i had questions buzzing around in my head about how to move forward on creating a membership group. As a result of attending I now have concrete plans with regard to what to include and how to move forward. Aside, a smaller question of mine has been answered which is how to sell my CD which helps people to fall asleep and fall back to sleep if they wake. I now know how to create a squeeze and sales page. In the meantime, its available from – June Whittle sleep CD. Fantastic weekend! Thank you.

- June Whittle

I never, ever give up my weekends and refused this long conference but the nagging feeling in my mind wouldn't let me miss it. I am extremely glad I came and look forward to the next one. I have learnt so much, feel highly motivated, inspired and even more determined than ever. I loved all of the speakers but Jairek Robbins made me cry he is too nice and Kevin is amazing.

- Ann-Marie Lewis

Before the Top Gun superconferenece I had an interest in marketing products but very little knowledge. With an exciting array of speakers and powerful content I now have a clear vision of hot to take my business forward.

- Doug Marshall

Hi Dan,
Just been to your Top Gun event – before I went along I was unsure what to expect or what I was going to get from the event, I had many issues about making my business go from zero to outstanding. The speakers you had were unbelievable, Jairek Robbins was amazing and I learnt so much. I'm now taking action and my business is booming. I am looking to the next event already. Many thanks!

- Jonathan Griffin

An excellent speaker line-up with masses of content and ideas that I can use in my business. I also made a couple of key contacts that will make a substantial difference to my business results in the coming months.

-Mike Yates

Before the Superconference, I was unsure of how to move forward towards setting up my own business. I didn't know where to start. As a result of attending the Superconference, I now have a clear plan of what to do next, the products available are exactly what I was looking for, even though I didn't know it before. I'm extremely excited about the future.

- Vanessa Barker

The seminar has opened my eyes as to what can be achieved on the internet.

- Jatinder Singh

As a result of coming on this seminar, I have learned nine new out-of-the-box strategies that I can offer my clients, so that they can make their businesses more profitable.

- Ian Ross

Before attending Dan's event I was struggling to work out what I needed to do to grow my business to the next level. I now have a clear action plan.

-Pete Bennett

Before attending this event I was very intimidated by marketing. After listening to such experienced speakers I now feel that it is really simple to write powerful copy and create great quality products to sell on my website. Thanks Dan.

- Tracy Curtis

Before this event, I was confused as to how to build my coaching business and where to start. Having been to Dan's conference I'm excited about making it possible to earn money as a coach and have clarity about the next step forward.

- Dr Libby Hodges

I'm feeling so inspired now by what I've heard over the last couple of days. So many new distinctions from the speakers, and some tools and strategies that will really sky-rocket the sale of my book and coaching programme. I have also made some fantastic joint ventures – so watch this space.

- Susie Heath

Since attending Dan's Top Gun seminar my confidence has soared I have a mentor and coach driving me forward and the knowledge and strategies that my small business coaching will finally succeed. Thank you so much.

- Karen MacFadyen

Before this event, I was unclear about how to market my business and generate a substantial income from product. Now after the event I have committed to working with Dan Bradbury and his team over the next 12 months to create my business as I exactly want to see it!

- Andy Edwards

A very quick and fun way to gain a clear vision of the direction that I need to take the business' ‘products'. A big thank you Dan!

- Gareth Thomas

You have changed my life astronomically! From a lifeless vision to a life full of vision!

- Michael Snuggs

Attending the Top Gun Superconference was fun! The opportunity to meet world class speakers has motivated me and shown me how to implement the many ideas that before Top Gun were just floating around in my head causing undue stress! After Top Gun I now have these ideas out on paper into a clear, concise marketing plan to add streams of revenue to my business. As a bonus the networking opportunities have been fantastic and given me two new joint ventures, and the bottom line I have new clients.

- Dr Claire Maguire

Before this event I was feeling unclear and exhausted. As a result of this event I now feel full of energy and certainty, have much more information about what I need to do to do what I love and get paid what I deserve for doing it.

- Zoe Parker

Before coming to the Top Gun conference I was anxious and fearful about my business. Having heard all of the wonderful speakers, especially the inspiration of Jairek Robbins I am energised and eager to tackle the future.

- Nick Wnekowski

Before the Top Gun Superconference I was uncertain how I would market my new company. Now, I have a clear marketing strategy that I am confident to put into action.

- Iain Pullinger

Before the Top Gun Superconference, although I wanted to set up my own personal development and coaching business, I had no idea what to do. The fabulous range of speakers at the conference gave me not only the skills that I need, but also the motivation and support to really so what I want to. I am committed to having my business up and running within one week.

- Ray Maden

Before this event, I was really uncertain about asking for a lot more money from my clients for my workshops. I was uncertain about my own value! After the event felt much more comfortable about my own value and to be able to ask for what I'm worth!

- Linford Sweeney

Before this event, I was looking for confirmation that my business model could be successful. After attending I not only know that my business model is great but I now also have the tools, resources and knowhow to put everything into place and take action to success. Thank you for the fantastic information presented!

- Paulo Duarte

Before I started working with Dan, I was a ‘generic coach' with occasional clients and wasting a fortune on useless websites and advertising. Since following his courses, and taking many courses with the experts he recommends I can set up websites, attract traffic and have an EXCELLENT niche helping people with critical diseases and disabilities overcome the shock of diagnosis and move on with a life they enjoy. I give massive value to my clients and learning HOW is down to Dan and his team. Thank you.

- Stephanie Winter

For two years now, I was willing to start my own coaching business (in order to help people who are or have been bullied at their workplace) but didn't know where to start. As a result of my presence at Top Gun I will create a blog, interview people and start selling products (e-book and audio first).

- Guillemette Bougault

Before I came to this seminar I was unsure about running my own workshop and if I was good enough. Now I know I can do it and how to structure it to make money.

- Ian Goddard

Before hearing all of the speakers I didn't have a clue about the number of aspects that make an internet based business successful. As a result of the seminar I know exactly which steps to take to achieve the fulfilment and financial results I deserve.

- Anita Klein

Before I attended this event, I was struggling, scared and bewildered about how to get traffic to my website. Now I feel that I have a plan and I am really excited having joined the Mastermind Group so I know I have the support and guidance that I need.

- Karen Goddard

Before Dan's Superconference I was stressed and floundering in the sea of general life coaches. I have nutritional qualifications and thought I had my niche by concentrating on health but I have realised this weekend that super-nicheing is my way to more money, less time. I am going to launch a slimming programme which will utilise my NLP, hypnosis and nutrition expertise and I can't wait!

- Tracy Smart

Before this event, I was anxious and confused as to how to break free of my full-time job of 19 years in spite of all the learning so far. But after this event, I was able to find the right tools and become very clear how I will be free from my job to fulfil my dreams in the next 6 months – a real life changing event for me!

- Sudeshna Choudhury

I knew Dan delivered good stuff but I didn't know exactly how I would benefit from his Top Gun Superconference. In just 2 days I have found the breakthrough I needed to implement.

- Tim Lonsidine

As a result of Top Gun I have gained new ideas to make me £100,000 within the next 12 months.

- Mark Giraud

Before coming to this seminar, I didn't really understand how to get my name and walk in front of all the people who might benefit from what I do. But now, I'm using the internet, blogs, Facebook and other social networks to reach so many more than I could ever imagine.

- Mike Flannery

Before attending Dan's event I was totally confused about how to market myself and had the belief that I would not be successful. But now I feel focused, full of ideas and tremendously re-inspired to go for it! Thank you Dan!

- Annabelle Wooldridge

Before attending this event I lacked the knowledge and confidence to create and sell high quality products. I now realise just how easy it is and am totally committed to getting my first product produced this month!

- Emma Stiles

Before this event, I was confused about how to use my knowledge and skills to set up my business and fearful of how to set up websites and get products. Now I am in the process within 12 hours of the event starting of having my website up and running and have so many ideas to develop my products. its amazing!

- Barbara Tift

Attending the Top Gun event gave me a brilliant opportunity to learn and become clear how to move my business forward with the support of the Internet, it took all the fear away that I believed was there and some belief that I wouldn't be able to do it. Thanks Dan!

- Jo Delaforce

Before attending Dan's Superconference I realised I needed to transform my business to achieve new levels of success and personal satisfaction. Through this immensely value-adding event it was like the process of a jigsaw came together. Now I feel I have the tools I need to move my business to the next stage.

- Mervyn Smallwood



Doing exactly the same things you did in your business last year…is NOT going to give you better results this year. Make 2012 the year you use the ALL the secrets and business strategies you'll get from the Superconference to ensure you succeed.