The power of deadlines

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If I had to pin down all of my business success on to one thing, deadlines would be it.

Think about it.

You can have the best ideas in the world, but if you don’t get them implemented, then it makes ZERO difference.

Execution is critical.

But how do you get yourself to do it?


Look, it’s currently 4.13pm on Monday and I’m cracking out the Monday email.

Why? Because it’s called the ‘Monday email’ for a reason, so if it goes on Tuesday it doesn’t look good! I’ve also got to leave for an important meeting at 4.30pm.

But I’ve been really busy all day and now I’m under pressure.

Self imposed admittedly, but the point is you set a deadline and you get it done. No excuses.

I’ve had 3 people in my office chasing me for this email already today.

When it comes to my relationships with my private clients, if they don’t prepare for the call and send it to me 24 hours in advance, then the call gets cancelled and they forfeit the money paid.

If the call isn’t important enough to prepare for, it’s not important enough to be held. I shouldn’t care more about my clients’ success than they do. I prepare, and so I expect the same courtesy from them.

Nothing happens until something gets done.

The best way to get something done is to set a deadline and get someone to hold you accountable.

Stop letting yourself off the hook.

Every single step counts.

The journey to success isn’t accomplished by pulling off one massive project one time.

Ordinary things, consistently done, produce extraordinary results.

Set a deadline, commit and get it done.

It’s now 4.23pm and I’ve hit my deadline. The question is, will you hit yours?


Sharing is caring!

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