Shortcuts are the fastest way to Failure

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Here’s a bit of an intense opening to an email for you:


When I look at the chronic destruction of shareholder value at Volkswagen from the ‘diesel dupe’ emissions tests scandal, it screams of the sometimes fatal, always painful, mistake that business owners make that costs them a fortune. (Could be as much as $18bn in VW’s case…


And that is, quite simply….


I see a lot of business owners who say they want to grow, want to increase the bottom line, etc, but I see very, very few who are willing to pay the price to get there.


Instead they end up cutting corners and looking for the magic pill that will solve all their problems; in short, they’re looking for the shortcuts to success.


Listen, I’m in favour of finding the leanest, most effective way to get the result you want, but I’m NOT in favour of taking shortcuts for one very simple reason…




You can cut corners and it may solve a problem for the short term, but it always comes back to bite you in the ass in the long term… as VW are just beginning to find out.


Instead of looking for the shortcuts, just do the right damn thing! Do the right thing by your employees and by the customer and in the long term you will prevail.


The irony being, of course, that taking shortcuts invariably ends up being the long road to success, whereas the long way round normally gets you there much quicker.


As one of my mentors taught me “Ordinary things, consistently done, produce extraordinary results.”


Instead of getting distracted by the all new ‘magic pill’, just focus on doing the right thing and kick the can every single day in the direction of success.

That’s the fastest route to success that I know of…






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