Financial Genius by Dan Bradbury

Financial Genius

Finding the Hidden Profits in Your Business

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Look, we get it. Crunching the numbers is usually the LAST thing a business owner wants to be bothered with. This is because typically business owners feel the process is burdensome, tedious, and filled with the kind of minutia that would make most entrepreneurs start hitting the pub at 10 in the morning. And you know what? That’s because it is. At least for the unsavvy owner who hasn’t tapped into these powerful financial shortcuts that the most sophisticated, uber successful business owners use to manage their businesses and create windfall profits.

When you deploy these time-saving financial secrets into your business three things happen:

  1. You free up unnecessary, wasted time crunching numbers and become proficient and knowing your numbers in less time. Basically, you become like Rainman for your business but without Tom Cruise as your sidekick and the need to wear matching grey suits.
  2. You identify the problem areas in your business that are sucking out cashflow and if left untreated, will become the single biggest saboteur of your company. Basically you become like Mac Taylor on CSI that solves the unsolvable crime by finding a single strand of DNA underneath the couch that busts the bad guy, but without the microscope or blood samples.
  3. You become bulletproof in your business valuations so when you have the opportunity to sell, you can deflect low ball offers and command maximum value. Basically your company becomes like one big Iron-Man suit, but without the cool jet streams on your hands and feet. (Sorry, we wish would could get those too, but we haven’t quite cracked that one.)

The reality is, whether you like looking at the numbers of your business or not, you have to. It’s what grown ups do. But with our system, we can make this process simple, efficient, and I’ve even heard reports of some of our clients whispering to others that it was kind of fun.