Business Value Maximisation by Dan Bradbury

Business Value Maximisation

Building a Company Worth Selling

The ultimate milestone in a business owner’s life is reaching a level of success to where your company can be exited for a large cash sum. But how do you know what it’s worth? How do you find a buyer? How can you maximise the value of your company so you get paid a premium?

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In this video recording of a private workshop with some of the UK’s fastest growing businesses, Dan shares with you the most vital components that determine just how much you will be able to sell your company for. This video is GREAT for the business owner who is ready to sell, but perhaps even MORE VALUABLE to the business owner who isn’t ready to sell yet, but needs to start putting the pieces of the puzzle in place now to make sure that come the day of sale, everything is where it should be.

In these videos Dan will share:

  • Why your company should be built to sell, whether you intend to exit or not
  • The 6 critical steps to business value maximisation
  • How to quickly and accurately value your company
  • The biggest threat preventing your business from being saleable… and how to fix it, for good!
  • How to drastically cut legal costs
  • The number one shortcut to exiting your company quickly
  • Where to find motivated buyers… with cash!
  • How to sell your business, even if its got serious problems.
  • Plus much, much more!