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Breeding Gazelles Book Dan Bradbury

Breeding Gazelles

More revenue, more profit, more time

Three things every business owner wants. The challenge is you haven’t developed the systems to allow the company to function and scale without you. You struggle to find and hire the right people who can effectively take things off your plate. Growth consumes cash so the end of month pay run is always a little too tight for comfort.

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Business Value Maximisation

Building a Company Worth Selling

The ultimate milestone in a business owner’s life is reaching a level of success to where your company can be exited for a large cash sum. But how do you know what it’s worth? How do you find a buyer? How can you maximise the value of your company so you get paid a premium?

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Business Maximisation by Dan Bradbury
Finnancial Genius Dan Bradbury

Financial Genius

Finding the Hidden Profits in Your Business

Look, we get it. Crunching the numbers is usually the LAST thing a business owner wants to be bothered with. This is because typically business owners feel the process is burdensome, tedious, and filled with the kind of minutia that would make most entrepreneurs start hitting the pub at 10 in the morning. And you know what? That’s because it is. At least for the unsavvy owner who hasn’t tapped into these powerful financial shortcuts that the most sophisticated, uber successful business owners use to manage their businesses and create windfall profits.

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