Is this your highest and best use?

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What are you doing it all for?

I mean really?

The majority of business owners confuse activity for productivity.

They are so business trying to ‘get stuff done’ they forget that there is a commercial reason for trying to do anything in the business in the first place.

Your business needs to make a profit.

And yet for most business owners they spend 80% of their time doing unimportant tasks.

They are busy being ‘busy’

Just check this new program being highlighted in Sweden

Various companies are pioneering a 6 hour working day and yet (perhaps unsurprisingly) productivity has not decreased.

“Do Less Get More” as Shaa Wasmund MBE says.

Everyone is busy, the question is “busy doing what?”

So what can be the highest, best and most productive use of your time today?

Do that first, the other stuff can wait.

Your business will thank you.


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