Dan’s Team

Here are some fun details about the team backing all of Dan’s efforts.


Emma Garcia

PA to Dan, master of the diary and anything that needs organising.

  • Loves – A bit of interior design, her daughter, and her dog.
  • Hates – Rude people, lack of common sense, and coriander.

Adam Ashburn

Designer of internal systems, processes and marketing campaigns.

  • Loves – Drinking water, golf, and making stuff look pretty.
  • Hates – Bad grammar, excuses, and mess.

Helen Bodsworth

Owner of Success Club and head of people.

  • Loves – Netball, gin, and puppies.
  • Hates – Odd numbers, people who lie, and unnecessary condiments on food.

Kevin Hall

Responsible for the Mastermind Programs and a Master Coach.

  • Loves – Running, Golf, Gym, and Arsenal FC.
  • Hates – Moaners, negative nellies, and bad smells.

Jodie Salt

Financial queen, master of the bank account.

  • Loves – My daughter, coloured hair, numbers.
  • Hates – Cheese sauce, banks, and being cold.

Shelley Hegarty

Keeping Dan Bradbury HQ a great place to work, and supporting the team.

  • Loves – Being a mum, sunny days out, and drinking tea.
  • Hates – Wasting time, inconsiderate drivers, and moths.

Alex Lowe

Success Mastermind Coach, Copywriter and Trainer.

  • Loves – Buying (and sometimes reading) books, cooking, and American TV Shows.
  • Hates – Maths, Conflict, and Faffing about.

Richard Morcombe

Mastermind Coach, obsessed with timekeeping and the impact of training, and coaching on people and their businesses.

  • Loves – Eating (especially spicy food), horse racing, and his wife and son.
  • Hates – Peas, soup, steam organs, and time wasters.

Gabriella Lynn

Sales Guru.

  • Loves – Being warm, dancing, and cruise ships.
  • Hates – Being cold, the word no, and dealing with cars.

Dan Bradbury

The Boss.

  • Loves – Going to the Gym, playing guitar, and my children.
  • Hates – Banks, rules and regulations, and automated phone systems.

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