Broke vs Wealthy Business Owners

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It doesn’t matter how hard you work Dan
What’s the difference that allows a tiny proportion of business owners to not only make a fortune, but keep it… whilst most business owners struggle barely making ends meet, stressed out of their minds?
You need to not only be able to make a profit, but to be able to hold onto wealth you’ve created and reinvest too.
And for that you need financial skills. As Warren Buffett said “if you can’t read the scoreboard, you don’t know the score, and if you don’t know the score you can’t tell the winners from the losers.”
The vast majority of business owners are broke, living hand to mouth. The vast majority of business owners are also financially illiterate.
That’s not a coincidence. It’s cause and effect.
If you cannot get and properly understand the three financial scorecards you should be getting every month from your accountant you cannot be running your business optimally.
It’s costing you money… a LOT of money.
If that’s where you’re at, I’ve got some great news for you… I’ve just created a brand new online training on how to become financially literate and understand the numbers. So you improve your profits and cash position with less hard work!
The purpose of the training is to give people a taste of the 2 day Practical Business Finance Workshop that countless previous delegates have described as “truly astonishing”, “possibly the best workshop I’ve ever attended” and “I’ve learnt more practical stuff that I can apply to my business today than I learnt in a 3 year business degree.”
The online training coming up next week is called “Financial Literacy – what wealthy business owners know that broke owners don’t”
Join me for this live online masterclass on Wednesday 22nd November at 2.30pm UK time.

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During this live online masterclass you will discover:

  • Why financial accounts are the ‘language of business’ and more importantly, how knowing your numbers will increase your profits and cash
  • The top 3 numbers you must understand for an instant financial health check for your company
  • Get more money in your bank account within 30 days. There are just 5 levers of improving operating cash flow. Most business owners only understand one or two. Get all five and watch your bank account soar!
  • Why financial literacy is the number one skill to scale your business whilst also making it less dependent on you.
  • 5 questions you MUST ask an accountant before you hire them. (and if your current accountant can’t answer them, fire them immediately!)
  • A super simple process to see if you are overpaying tax (and due a rebate)
  • How to make banks desperate to lend you money! (this is a game changer!)

Plus much much more!

I’ll be answering your questions on the call live on Wednesday 22nd November at 2.30pm UK time.

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See you then!


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Click here to register for “Financial Literacy – what wealthy business owners know that broke owners don’t”

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