Improve or die

Is your business getting better? It better be. Because, the market is always evolving, the standard is always being raised. The hallmark of all great achievers is constantly striving to raise standards. Check out this article by Tony Robbins about basketball legend Kobe Bryant who just retired. Kobe would often go back to the […]

Marketing 101

How to understand, find and sell to your target market Would you like to get more clients? As you’re reading this article I’ll assume the answer is: “yes”. You’re not here searching for a recipe for guacamole… or poodle training tips. There are two sections to this article: #1. Finding potential new clients and #2. […]

The Big Business Five

The five skillsets for lifelong business success I normally stay away from writing “five things” articles. They can seem fluffy and measly. “Five ways to get world peace”, “Twelve ways to buy a winning lottery ticket”, “Seven ways to fall off a cliff” … You get the idea. However I think these five skills really […]