The Best Form Of Marketing?

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It’s the best form of marketing.

95% of small business owners claim to do it, but in my experience less than 10% proactively do it to any extent, costing them a small fortune in lost sales.

What is it?

Word of mouth.

As Andy Sernovitz explains in his book “Word of Mouth Marketing: How smart companies get people talking” social media means that it’s never been easier to find out what people think of a product.

No longer can a company cover over an inferior product with a sophisticated marketing campaign. The consumer’s voice will ring out.

Consequently customers talking about you has more weight and reach than ever before.

For both happy and unhappy customers!

To paraphrase Walt Disney “Clean bathrooms is good marketing”


Here’s a quick video of one our Success Mastermind Clients Alexis sharing his results from being with us.


The question is, how are you consciously and consistently stimulating positive word of mouth marketing from your customer base?

Answers on a postcard…

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