The “best” business growth strategy

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What is the “best” growth strategy for your business?

I’m not talking about the latest and greatest tech development or some tweak to Google’s search rankings.

I’m talking about a tried and tested strategy that has proven itself again and again.

When I met Richard Branson (during the launch event for my book Breeding Gazelles) last May, he was at the hotel because he was using this strategy. (I wish I could say he was there to meet me, but he was actually meeting someone who was regarded as the most powerful man in the world in the late 70’s)

Internationally renowned marketing expert Jay Abraham, who’s responsible for a documented $6 BILLION in increased sales for his clients, told me on a private phone call earlier this year that this strategy is STILL his number one preference when it comes to “expanding growth possibilities”

Andrew Carnegie (once the richest man in the world) attributed the largest part of his success and wealth to the consistent execution of this strategy.

What is it?

The power of masterminds.


Before you mentally “check out”…. Just think about this for a second.

Every single, major, breakthrough you’ve ever made in business has come as a result of an idea sparked in you… by someone else.

Let me explain.

You can try as hard as you wish, the fact is every single person in your life rubs off on you… just a little bit.

And most major breakthroughs come from either a warning (where someone makes a huge mistake and pays the price) or from an example (where someone knocks it out of the park and it inspires you to do the same!)

But you’ve heard all this before;

“Your income is the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” “Your network is your net worth” … etc, etc.

You know that if you get around a group of inspired, focused, fast growing business owners they’ll rub off on you too, and you will be inspired and more focused to achieve greater things.

The key question is what are you going to do about it?

Are you consistently seeking out new relationships with other business owners? Is it time to elevate your peer group and play at a higher level?

Just something to think about…

Comment below and let me know your thoughts


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