Improve or die

Is your business getting better? It better be. Because, the market is always evolving, the standard is always being raised. The hallmark of all great achievers is constantly striving to raise standards. Check out this article by Tony Robbins about basketball legend Kobe Bryant who just retired. Kobe would often go back to the […]

Leverage Point

“I was just 29 years old and my personal income in the previous 12 months was a little over 48 million dollars.” I suddenly found myself paying attention… I was in an excessively air conditioned conference room in central LA listening to a seminar delivered by a very charismatic man who goes by the name […]

It’s All Lies!

I once knew a popular success guru who claimed the secret to success was the speed of getting things done. Sure enough he was always super busy; going to meetings, delivering seminars, doing interviews etc. And, when he wasn’t busy, he was popping up on Facebook posting photos of himself zipping around his brand new […]