The 7 Sufferings of Business Owners (and how to combat them)

Smashed Plates Problem: You feel like you’re constantly spinning plates trying to keep them all whirling and if anything takes your attention then SMASH—! Solution: Business structure and time management. There are different, diverging skill sets needed in a business- finance, operations, sales, marketing, management etc-  either you need to get someone more qualified than you […]

“It’s boring… but i’m rich!” [Avoiding shiny object syndrome]

Do you suffer from “shiny object syndrome”? I know I do. Most entrepreneurs love the excitement of doing something new, that’s one of the reasons why we started our companies in the first place. The challenge is that as our businesses scale and start to get traction, we fail to grow along with them. We […]

The Platform is NOT the problem [A Quick Rant]

I was giving a talk the other day and taking questions from the audience. One gentleman complained about his Facebook adverts, saying the platform was losing him money everyday and that it ‘just doesn’t work.’ Now I don’t buy that. Whether you use Facebook, Google, Youtube, LinkedIn, PPC, SEO, print media, direct mail or other […]