18 Minutes Between Success and Failure

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I don’t even like Rugby!

But even I was stunned by the greatest upset in Rugby World Cup History when the most experienced South African team of all time were beaten by Japan 34-32.

The world went crazy at the news

But what does this mean to your business?

I think there are two very important lessons…


  1. Don’t allow success to make you complacent. This should have been a walk in the park for South Africa, but they made the mistake of giving a sub par performance, and it cost them BIG.
  2. Even if the odds looked stacked against you, the difference between success and failure is slight. Japan were trailing 29-22 with 18 minutes to go. They could have given up. They pushed on. They even could have taken a penalty kick that would have secured a draw. They pushed on and got the victory the deserved.


So as you look ahead at your week, ask yourself where are you being complacent right now?

How could it hurt you if a younger, more aggressive competitor were to swoop in and take advantage of your sub par performance?

And where can you push ahead right now?

Where are things tough, but you are just a short distance away from a breakthrough?


Have a great week!


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